Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Photo Session

I am completely amazed how fast time flies when you are at home with an infant! The day just goes by so quickly, at times to quickly! I'm still working on balancing a baby, a home, a husband, my walk with God & quiet time, and myself. Just when I think I may have it down....I see that I don't! I feel like I have a been a horrible blogging friend!

She is growing so fast! We had Miss Amanda come to our house the first week of February to snap some pictures of Little Bit. Amanda did a great job. She took over 200 pictures and edited the cd down to 103. We are having a hard time choosing which ones to print. It has been 3 weeks since these pictures and yesterday at the doctor's office our girl weighed 8 lbs 8.5 oz. She's come a long way from her birth weight!!

We've been able to do a few more things and have some outings, but for now, I'll just try to get some of my more favorite shots of the photo session on here. One funny story....Amanda had Little Bit on a white fluffy thing to take a picture in the buff. Before she could click the camera, Little Bit proceeded to begin to have a bm. I didn't want it to hurt the prop so I placed my hand on her booty and kept the "stuff" from falling on the white fluffy thing. Amanda grabbed the diaper so it didn't do too much grossness to my hand!! I feel like I can do just about anything now!! :)

Bryan loves his little girl so much! I love to see him walk through the door in the evening and his eyes light up! He is an amazing man and father!

Daddy's Hands...

This one above was one of my favorites of her in her Easter dress. But now that everyone has seen her dress early, she may just need to get a different one! :)

When others have seen this next picture they say she is smiling. We didn't count it as her first smile though. We think she may have had some gas!

Our Family Photos

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Not to Wear

It is getting somewhat complicated to dress Little Bit. She has a several cute newborn outfits, but she is still in the preemie size, especially in pants. Her little newborn pjs are way to long.

Here are two outfits:

The one on the left is newborn and the one on the right is preemie. She wears the preemie set at least once a week. We had this outfit and a few others given to us as gifts and then a friend of ours has loaned us some of her daughter's preemie clothes. We basically rotate the same 7 or so outfits out each week. It is amazing the difference in size. I do not want to rush Little Bit to grow up, but I'm anxious to get her into some of her 0-3 month outfits!

Today we tried on her "potential" Valentine Day outfit. I would say I need to come up with an alternative. She still has some growin' to do!! And, she does a good job "disguising" her identity herself, especially with this hat!

She does have some red pants to go with this outfit that are also newborn, but they were nearly as long as she is! I think she may be a petite little thing!

I'm a little nervous. We have someone coming to our house tomorrow night to take some pictures of Little Bit. I have a few outfits we are going to try. I'm more nervous she will get mad and cry and we will just have to try pictures at a different time. We already reschedule once due to the weather. We should have fun tomorrow!

Two weeks ago, I got to go back to church for the first time since nearly the beginning of the year! I enjoyed it, but it did seem strange going without my man and my girl!

Little Bit and I before I left:

This past Sunday, this was "church" for me:

I listened to our pastor's sermon from 3 weeks ago online while Bryan was at church.

Although I didn't get to leave the house, it felt great to shower and get dressed. And I was in the Word the same time my fellow church members were! Although she was in pajamas, I'm still trying to train Little Bit to wear some headbands and bows. Luckily our friend made some headbands small enough to fit her head.