Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We are going to Ada after I get off work this afternoon to spend Thanksgiving with our families. I'm looking forward to some slower pace and great food. I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and make lasting and joyous memories.

This is always a time to reflect back on the past year and what we are thankful for. I am blessed beyond measure. I am blessed more than I've ever deserved.

I am thankful for:

1. God
2. Salvation by God
3. Peace that passes all understanding
4. God preserving His Holy Word
5. Jesus Christ as my High Priest so I can approach the throne with my supplications
6. Freedom to go to church
7. My husband. He is my best friend. Often I feel I cannot exist without him. He is my sounding board. He is my leveler. He is my friend, my lover, my buddy. He comforts me. I love him so much. I'm so proud of him
8. God's presence at the time I most need Him
9. God refreshing my soul through very specific scriptures He places in my path
10. Creation. God did a beautiful thing!
11. My Granny and Poppy
12. Our Parents
13. My siblings and family
14. Music -- Hymns and Praise/Worship Music
15. Bible Studies written and presented by gifted individuals
16. Friends who pray for me and encourage me
17. My house
18. Answered Prayer
19. God carrying me through trials and confusing times in my life
20. Financial blessings
21. The experiences of seeing my cousin's son born
22. Friends and family who are patient with me
23. Opportunities of travel this year
24. My Sunday School class
25. New relationships & friendships we are making
26. God's mercy and long suffering in my wavering, roller coaster walk
27. Good health
28. Quiet calm sweet moments with Bryan
29. A job with flexibility
30. Opportunities to make memories

There is so much more, I know. Take time to Thank God for the blessings He has given you. In the midst of the busyness, Reflect.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Boomer Sooner !!!

I will not have a gloat fest. I will not have a gloat fest. I will not have a gloat fest!!!

BUT, can I just say very loudly and very proudly.....BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!! Saturday night's game was absolutely the best I think I've seen OU play in a long time. It was a great game to watch! I have a dear friend who works where I used to work and I wanted so badly to call her, but I didn't on Saturday, not to say I won't today! Ha! She's too nice to be mean to! Love you Jennifer!!

My wonderful husband was gone Friday night and all day Saturday hunting. He did kill a doe!!! But because I stayed at home and his camera died, I don't have pictures to show. But never fear, they are coming soon courtesy of Granny. Bryan made it back in time to eat some pizza and watch the game. And watch the game he did!He pulled the rocker in front of the TV and watched it there!! It was cute! I love him!! He tends to get a little "rough" during OU games and I was so afraid the chair would break or he would kick it. But not once! He behaved rather well!! Don't tell him this, but I think he is rather cute in his camo shirt!!!

Bryan and I had a wonderful Sunday together. We left our house for Sunday School and didn't go back until after evening church!! We ran errands and did some shopping for office furniture and food! Weird combo, I know! We were tired!! But Sunday morning was a great day in church. Our friends, The Robertsons, had their baby dedication for little Jake. I think I took one too many pictures because Jackson, their oldest, caught on and started waving to me from the stage. Isn't Jackson's little John Deere boots so cute! I tell you, he is a cutie! We went out for pizza last week and because Bryan wasn't there, Jackson was supposed to be my date, but he kind of left me for his parents!! The nerve!! :)L to R: Jackson, Joe Don, Jake, & Jennifer

One really neat aspect of this baby dedication was the fact, Jennifer's sister and her husband were also dedicating their little girl. Jennifer and Jaimie are twins! I love this picture with our pastor and his wife!

Please pray for my friend Brooklyn, her Mimi, and their family. Brooklyn's Papa passed away yesterday and is in his heavenly home.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Firm Foundation

Our church is building a new sanctuary and it is nearly complete!!

On Wednesday, we had a special meeting to discuss the schedule change and the Sunday School hours (our class is moving to 8:30!!!) After a devotional from our pastor we all got to go into the new sanctuary and view the progress so far. There is still some dry wall, paint, and flooring to be completed but we should be able to move in January. It is amazing how fast this went up.

Every member was asked to pick 1 scripture and write it on the concrete using a sharpie. We didn't have much of a notice and I just happened to read this scripture this week and I wrote it on the concrete near the center where I would envision a pulpit.This is very close to the prayer I have for Emmaus and its staff. I want her to stay to the doctrine taught in scripture, no wavering, no compromise. I think sometimes things/dissensions/change in doctrine within a church come very subtle. In a time when a new worship center is opening we must stand firm. We have some good leaders at Emmaus.

I loved watching others ponder and write their scripture. It was a neat memory to have about a church.
The last picture is a little dark. But at least you can kind of see the seating in the back of the sanctuary.

This morning Bryan and I drove together. I unfortunately had to park OUTside of my comfy garage last night because his truck and a friend's ATV were taking up my space in the garage.

It was the coldest night yet!! And was 24 degrees out this morning. Bryan was slow getting around and I had to start my own car in the freezing bitter cold!!!! So after I dropped him off, I treated myself:

Bryan is going hunting tomorrow so I'm holed up in the warm house. I plan to accomplished a few projects!!

Happy Friday!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cookies, Anyone!!

Last night we had a cookie exchange at our church as a fellowship for the women's ministries. We had to make 3 dozen cookies; have 1 dozen on a plate to share/taste and wrap the remaining 2 dozen in baggies (3 per bag) for ladies to take home. Obviously, not every lady got a sample of every cookie there. I think that must have been part of the fun. Grab what you can as quick as you can!! I made Laura Bush's Cowboy Cookies. Bryan loved them!! He really did!! He said they had a little bit of everything he loves about a cookie and he even asked me to make them for his co-workers for Christmas!

I loved the ribbon I tied my baggies with. I got it at Hobby Lobby 50% off!!!I thought about using an elephant graphic on my recipe but I was afraid that might have been mixing too much church and state!! :) However, I think our government needs a little church right now!
There were several tables set up. Here is just one table with the decorations the ladies did.Every table was covered with cookies and it was a mad house to try to get a cookie recipe that you wanted. I was a little stressed afterward. There were many cookies I saw but all the recipes were gone!!! We were suppose to come home with 8 different cookies and I think I only made it with 6!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bloggy Baby Shower for The Stamps

I am thrilled I know Harper's parents and can participate in this wonderful Bloggy Baby Shower!!

I love showers!!! One of my favorite aspects of a shower is the punch! And I love love love red slushy punch. So we should all have some punch today!!! I think we should also have some of these at this wonderful bloggy shower!!!

I wish so much I was an eloquent speaker and communicator. Often I want so badly to share what is on my heart and I want people to know and sense the joy I feel, yet I have a hard time often communicating it and other feelings to others.


I came upon your blog through Beth Moore's. Yours was the very first "personal" blog I read. Something pulled me onto your blog and I'm so grateful it did. I kept reading your blog and eventually commented due to the fact you were on the same journey Bryan and I were; desiring so deeply to have children. Although we did not have the opportunity to have IUIs, our friends were or had tried that and so I was hooked due to this connection.

Bryan and I have been blessed to meet both you and Scott in AR and we enjoyed our visit so much!! I'm so glad I had that opportunity as well as the one this Fall. It was so good to just sit and talk. You are a good listener my friend! I have kept several of the encouraging emails you have sent to me. And on a dark day, I go back and re-read them and those from others.

I remember where I was at when I clicked on your blog and saw you were expecting. I had the laptop sitting up in bed and Bryan was reading. I squealed and said Kelly Stamps is expecting. He turned the laptop toward him and said No Way!! We are excited for you!!! I cannot wait until I make another trip to NW AR and I can see Harper Brown in the flesh!!

Thank you for continuing to pray for us while we are still on a journey where parts and roads are unknown to us. It means a lot you still think of us. Thank you for continuing to be a friend to us.

I probably am not giving any advice that you have not heard already but I would say cherish, cherish this baby girl. Hold her tight. Make a lot of memories with her. Sing to her, say scripture to her, pray scripture over her, talk to her, be real to her, be her friend but also be a disciplinarian. I bet there will be times when you are mentally, physically, and emotionally tired but continue to think on the treasure you have. Instill in her a love for God's Holy word.

I know you know all these things and will do all these things since you are IN CHRIST!!

You are going to be a great mom!! I look forward to seeing Harper Brown!! I leave you this verse for your new family:

"The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace." Numbers 6:25-26.

Happy Birthday Night

On Friday night Bryan's parents came up to our house to celebrate Ed's 60th Birthday!! Our gift to him was tickets to the OU Basketball game and dinner at a Mexican restaurant Ed likes. He doesn't come up to our house often so it was almost more of a treat for us. It seems strange to have a parent who is 60!! I love marking holidays and birthday with memories and I think this night worked!

Below is one of the Griffin brothers who play for OU. It seemed during the game many of the players needed to work on their free throws this week! But OU did come out on top and won!!I tried to get Ed and Bryan to pose for the blog picture and I guess Ed just didn't get it!! :) But I think this is cute anyway! I love seeing the smile on his face!Excuse my hair in this picture. My hair is splitting and breaking off close to my scalp so I'm trying to put less heat on it. This is Bryan's mom and I.We ate dinner at Tarahumara's in Norman. We love this place. I think the food is just as good as Ted's and it's cheaper. I just wish Tarahumara's had Ted's queso and set up. I had to take this picture of my burrito. It literally is 12 inches long!!And, NO, I did not eat it in one setting. I was actually planning ahead for my lunch on Saturday!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Catch Up.....Again

I'm quite behind on blogging and reading blogs, yet once again. But I have to be honest, I have not felt like blogging much and thought for a few days maybe I should stop. But I'm pressing on. I have loved the people I correspond with and those I have met. And I want to maintain those relationships so I apologize for not being up to date in over a week! I plan to try to read some blogs today and catch up throughout the weekend.
Last week, I think it was Thursday, it was pouring down rain when I stopped to fill up my car with gas. This picture is blurry but I thought of my blog friends immediately and tried to take a picture incognigo (I have no idea how to spell that correctly, just sound it out). This "gentleman" driving the humongous truck park catty-cornered in front of the pump in front of my car and nearly had me blocked in!!!! I was not thinking Christ-like and I confess I believe I actually frowned at him when he got out of the truck!!
Thankfully, the car next to me left and I was able to meander around the giant truck!!
This is a very busy time for Bryan right now and I think he may be getting a little overwhelmed. He is working on his Masters project and paper this semester. Plus working full time and trying to fit in the vinyl siding on house. I really admire how he balances everything. I would have had numerous breakdowns by now. I have been blessed over the past week to have had a few quality moments with him. Last Friday we had a date night and our entertainment was Sam's Club and one of our favorite restaurants, Ted's in Norman. We bought random things at Sam's but all we needed and I even found a Christmas present there. We love Ted's set up. Their queso is excellent!!!
The queso is a little blurry but believe me, It is delicious!!!
On Saturday, we made a flying trip to Ada for Bryan to set up one of his deer stands and he cleaned out my Granny's smoke stack/chimney for her wood stove. I told him to wave and pose for the blog.
I was blessed this past Wednesday to have a long lunch date with some great great friends of mine. Two (Vicki and Toni) of them have left our church to go elsewhere so it was great to see them.Left to Right: Heather Smith, Brooklyn, Vicki Sears, me, Toni Waddle, and Toni is holding Brooklyn's little boy, Boston.
I feel so privileged to be included in this group and I'm so thrilled when they ask me to join them for a lunch. We talk politics (gives me indigestion these days), children, scripture, and so much more. We have serious times and oh so many laughs. I'm glad we can maintain relationships no matter where we attend church. These ladies are so kind and loving to me.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

GO VOTE !!!!

Bryan and I left our house and got to the polls to vote at 7:15 this morning and this was the line outside. And then it weaved around other rooms inside the building. It was awesome to see!!

If you look closely in the next picture, Bryan is the blur right before the soldier toward the back of the line (I don't think you can really see him). I was honored to stand by a soldier on the day we voted! I almost asked to take his picture.I am touched each time I get to vote. Bryan teased me and kept saying "Are you going to squirt, Julie. Come on squirt!" It is very moving for me and especially at this election as we feel this is a turning point in our country's history, no matter what candidate you vote for. Bryan said over breakfast this morning the next 20 years could be the most active in our history as a country. Please vote today!!

I have a ton of errands to run this evening and Bryan kept asking me in a disgusting way if I was going to have election coverage on non stop when I got home. He doesn't like the slant the media sometimes puts on its reporting. So, I've decided after my errands, I'm going to the YMCA to hit the treadmill and if I have to, I guess I will walk for 1.5 hours so I can see some coverage!!

Our church had a prayer meeting last night for our country and this election. Afterwards Bryan and I ran to get a bite to eat and this little guy joined us!! Bryan loves Jesse (I saw Bryan give Jesse a kiss) and Jesse seems so comfortable in Bryan's arms!!