Monday, November 24, 2008

Boomer Sooner !!!

I will not have a gloat fest. I will not have a gloat fest. I will not have a gloat fest!!!

BUT, can I just say very loudly and very proudly.....BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!! Saturday night's game was absolutely the best I think I've seen OU play in a long time. It was a great game to watch! I have a dear friend who works where I used to work and I wanted so badly to call her, but I didn't on Saturday, not to say I won't today! Ha! She's too nice to be mean to! Love you Jennifer!!

My wonderful husband was gone Friday night and all day Saturday hunting. He did kill a doe!!! But because I stayed at home and his camera died, I don't have pictures to show. But never fear, they are coming soon courtesy of Granny. Bryan made it back in time to eat some pizza and watch the game. And watch the game he did!He pulled the rocker in front of the TV and watched it there!! It was cute! I love him!! He tends to get a little "rough" during OU games and I was so afraid the chair would break or he would kick it. But not once! He behaved rather well!! Don't tell him this, but I think he is rather cute in his camo shirt!!!

Bryan and I had a wonderful Sunday together. We left our house for Sunday School and didn't go back until after evening church!! We ran errands and did some shopping for office furniture and food! Weird combo, I know! We were tired!! But Sunday morning was a great day in church. Our friends, The Robertsons, had their baby dedication for little Jake. I think I took one too many pictures because Jackson, their oldest, caught on and started waving to me from the stage. Isn't Jackson's little John Deere boots so cute! I tell you, he is a cutie! We went out for pizza last week and because Bryan wasn't there, Jackson was supposed to be my date, but he kind of left me for his parents!! The nerve!! :)L to R: Jackson, Joe Don, Jake, & Jennifer

One really neat aspect of this baby dedication was the fact, Jennifer's sister and her husband were also dedicating their little girl. Jennifer and Jaimie are twins! I love this picture with our pastor and his wife!

Please pray for my friend Brooklyn, her Mimi, and their family. Brooklyn's Papa passed away yesterday and is in his heavenly home.


Laura said...

Okay. Let me just say this. I knew you guys were good....and NOW I FEAR YOU!!! I am NOT looking forward to seeing you guys in the whatevah - bowl if the Good Lord Above so intends for us to meet!!! I never thought it would be a blow-out like that! I called Wayne during intermission of the ballet and asked the score (am I crazy or what?!). I nearly fell from the balcony when I heard him say he was going to bed!

Jenna said...

Congrats on the great game!!!! You are definitely entitled to a gloat fest after a game like that!!

Glad ya'll had a great weekend!

Heather said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I will pray for Brooklyn. It's never easy losing someone you love.

Megan L Hutchings said...

Girl...I so thought about you on Saturday! What a game ;)!!!!

valerie said...

Oh, go ahead and have a gloat fest!
That was the best game. It really was the most fun game to watch. My friends & family who attended said they didn't sit down the whole game.
It just dawned on me this morning that I'm going to be in Branson at a theater during the OU/OSU game Sat. evening!! I've been telling people they'll have to keep me informed by texting me. Maybe we'll make it back to watch a little of it.
I am so proud of the Sooners. They played better than I've ever seen them play.
My hubby was hunting too. He also got a doe...his second so far. He was cutting up meet this morning for jerky. He makes the best jerky!

I think I really am going to enjoy the laptop....especially when I learn more about it.
It truly was a blessing.

I'm sorry to hear about Brooklyn's family member. I'll definitely keep her in my prayers.

Baby dedications always make me cry. They are so special.

Have a good week.

Kristen said...

Congrats on the win! I was a dinner with friends but luckily had a tv in front of me. It was a blow out. This weekend's game should be an interesting one :)

Kim said...

BOOMER SOONER!! My hubby is already laying out all the options for OU to get to the Big 12 Championship and the National Championship! Do you guys have big plans for the Bedlam game?

Betsy said...

That game was a total blowout!! I know ya'll had so much fun watching it!! Congratulations! :)