Friday, November 21, 2008

A Firm Foundation

Our church is building a new sanctuary and it is nearly complete!!

On Wednesday, we had a special meeting to discuss the schedule change and the Sunday School hours (our class is moving to 8:30!!!) After a devotional from our pastor we all got to go into the new sanctuary and view the progress so far. There is still some dry wall, paint, and flooring to be completed but we should be able to move in January. It is amazing how fast this went up.

Every member was asked to pick 1 scripture and write it on the concrete using a sharpie. We didn't have much of a notice and I just happened to read this scripture this week and I wrote it on the concrete near the center where I would envision a pulpit.This is very close to the prayer I have for Emmaus and its staff. I want her to stay to the doctrine taught in scripture, no wavering, no compromise. I think sometimes things/dissensions/change in doctrine within a church come very subtle. In a time when a new worship center is opening we must stand firm. We have some good leaders at Emmaus.

I loved watching others ponder and write their scripture. It was a neat memory to have about a church.
The last picture is a little dark. But at least you can kind of see the seating in the back of the sanctuary.

This morning Bryan and I drove together. I unfortunately had to park OUTside of my comfy garage last night because his truck and a friend's ATV were taking up my space in the garage.

It was the coldest night yet!! And was 24 degrees out this morning. Bryan was slow getting around and I had to start my own car in the freezing bitter cold!!!! So after I dropped him off, I treated myself:

Bryan is going hunting tomorrow so I'm holed up in the warm house. I plan to accomplished a few projects!!

Happy Friday!!!!


Megan L Hutchings said...

You look adorable in that picture!!!

What a wonderful idea your church had ;). We do something similiar at Habitat when the walls go up. It may not be seen but the meaning is still there ;).

Jenna said...

What a beautiful santuary - and what a cool thing to do with the verses!

You look so cute in that picture! And I totally support warm treats on cold days!

Kelly said...

Your church looks beautiful - so exciting to be getting a new building. And I love writing scriptures on the floor - we have done that in most of the churches I have been in that built new buildings and it is very special to be walking on the holy scriptures!
And yeay for you and the cappuchino. Your weekend sounds good to me!!!

Laura said...

Kewl! It's cold here, too! I had to get out to get more medicine! Have a great weekend!

Mandi said...

You are so cute in that last picture!

The new church building looks great and I love the idea of writing scripture on the foundation. Our church did the same thing last spring with our new children/youth building.

Enjoy some good quiet moments this weekend in between projects. (:

Melissa said...

what a very cool idea to write on the concrete! I love the cold weather, don't you? Enjoy your weekend at home. Tell Brian good luck hunting! Depending on football, we might try to go before Thanksgiving. :)

Heather said...

That is so neat! We did the same thing when they built our church. It's so cool that when you stand in the sanctuary, you are really standing on God's promises. Very cute picture! I still owe you a response email. I will try to get it out soon!

Angela said...

I love the scriptures on the concrete. I've often thought about doing that we ever build a house.

It IS cold today. Enjoy your day tomorrow!

Faith said...

What an exciting time for your church! I really like the scripture that the Lord gave you. I pray that the Lord blesses your church immensely!

MiMi said...

Wow these are exciting days in the life of your church! What a great idea to have everyone write the verses on the concrete.

You look so cute in your picture! I hope you are holed up in the house this weekend with some more warm treats!

Brooklyn said...

that looks so neat! i wish i could have been there to do that. with robert gone leaving just me and rebekah we didn't get to leave children's choir. i love the verse you picked out....perfectly fitting.

Kristen said...

You are so cute! Have a great day to yourself!

I also love the church idea. I know a couple who did the verse writing on their new home before the walls were painted.

valerie said...

What a great thing to do...writing those verses in your new sanctuary.
I've heard of people doing that on the walls of their new home. The sanctuary is beautiful.

My hubby is hunting this weekend too. He and two of his good buddies from high school drew a special hunt. He left Thurs. and will be back Sun. night.

You're so cute, Julie & so precious.
I've had you on my mind a lot this past week and have kept you in my prayers.

Have a good Saturday & GO SOONERS!!!

Laura said...

Good luck tonight, Julie! Alise and I have a date with our local ballet, but I hope to get home in time to see the last quarter. What a game!!

petrii said...

MMM I love a cup of warm yummineess on a cold day!!! So fun to hole up in a warm house and get stuff done.

Our church has been in the process of expanding now for about a year and a half. It is so fun to see all the improvements and expansions going on in the house of God, but so important to keep it real too. What a great a verse for such a spot as that.

Have a Blessed week,