Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Not to Wear

It is getting somewhat complicated to dress Little Bit. She has a several cute newborn outfits, but she is still in the preemie size, especially in pants. Her little newborn pjs are way to long.

Here are two outfits:

The one on the left is newborn and the one on the right is preemie. She wears the preemie set at least once a week. We had this outfit and a few others given to us as gifts and then a friend of ours has loaned us some of her daughter's preemie clothes. We basically rotate the same 7 or so outfits out each week. It is amazing the difference in size. I do not want to rush Little Bit to grow up, but I'm anxious to get her into some of her 0-3 month outfits!

Today we tried on her "potential" Valentine Day outfit. I would say I need to come up with an alternative. She still has some growin' to do!! And, she does a good job "disguising" her identity herself, especially with this hat!

She does have some red pants to go with this outfit that are also newborn, but they were nearly as long as she is! I think she may be a petite little thing!

I'm a little nervous. We have someone coming to our house tomorrow night to take some pictures of Little Bit. I have a few outfits we are going to try. I'm more nervous she will get mad and cry and we will just have to try pictures at a different time. We already reschedule once due to the weather. We should have fun tomorrow!

Two weeks ago, I got to go back to church for the first time since nearly the beginning of the year! I enjoyed it, but it did seem strange going without my man and my girl!

Little Bit and I before I left:

This past Sunday, this was "church" for me:

I listened to our pastor's sermon from 3 weeks ago online while Bryan was at church.

Although I didn't get to leave the house, it felt great to shower and get dressed. And I was in the Word the same time my fellow church members were! Although she was in pajamas, I'm still trying to train Little Bit to wear some headbands and bows. Luckily our friend made some headbands small enough to fit her head.


petrii said...

Oh Julie,
Little bit is so cute!! OH MY STARS!!! She is just precious and you are absolutely glowing friend.

I LOVE your haircut. Have fun with those pictures.

Love and Blessings to you,

Faith said...

She is beyond adorable!!! I'm loving her little outfits and especially her bows!!! I know you are having so much fun with your little bit!

Caroline said...

YOU ARE GLOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh i am just loving all these baby pictures and i love seeing the new mommy in you! it is a perfect fit! love you friend

Betsy said...

I know just what you mean about the preemie clothes! Laura and Lindy were preemies and I never knew just how tiny a baby can be. Newborn diapers swallowed them whole! The diapers and clothes they wore looked like doll clothes!

Your little sweetie is BEAUTIFUL!! Every time I read your blog I could just about cry with happiness for you! :)

Candy said...

I just commented on our fb pic!!! I am just thrilled for you Julie! You look GREAT as a mom!!! These pics are just PERFECT!

Kim said...

Julie you are just glowing!!! I am so happy for you two!!! I am sure your picture session will go great.

Kelly said...

This just makes my heart so happy!!!
And I know how hard it is those first few weeks/months not being able to go to church. I was so happy to be with Harper and so sad to be away from my church but it will go by so fast and you will be back in no time!
We bought a bunch of preemie clothes when I was pregnant - just in case - and my 10 lb baby could NOT fit into any of them. I gave them to a mom of twin girls or I would send them to you! I'm getting together a package for you soon!!!!

Heather said...

My Connor-boo was the same way as a baby...newborn clothes were even too big, let alone 0-3 months. But then he started growing, growing, growing. I still remember when he outgrew my favorite newborn onesie...
:( You look beautiful and so perfect as a mother. That Little Bit is SOOOOOO cute! So happy for you Julie!

Laura said...

Julie, you look so happy! It is so good to see that your dream has come true. And I think RED is the perfect color for Little Bit!

Jamie said...

She is just a doll! You look so good as a mom!

Lauren Kelly said...

Seriously, this post made my heart melt. She is absolutely precious!! So happy for you :)

Kimberly said...

Congratulations Julie & Bryan. You have been waiting so long...but, they that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength...Sorry it has taken me so long, things have been a bit weird down here, still are...
Blessings, and enjoy this special time...

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