Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shower of Blessings

When we told our friends we had submitted paperwork and "officially" began the process to do Foster Care/Adoption, one of the first things they did was insist they give us a shower. So even back in November, Brooklyn, Courtney, and Kristine began planning. They wanted us to be prepared at a moment's notice to receive a child in our home. And boy, am I glad they insisted!! We did receive Little Bit in just a moment's notice!! :) These 3 wonderful ladies have been such dear precious friends of ours and supported us for several years on our journey to get our forever family. They have listened to me, prayed for us, and encouraged us numerous times. I am so grateful for their friendship and their love. Brooklyn, Courtney, & Kristine

It is still amazing just how specific God's timing is! Here is part of my personal journal entry from December 29th..."I feel I have to press forward knowing it will work out. But this may very well be the hardest wait yet. We have a baby shower on January 10th & I keep wondering what will people think of us since we do not have a placement yet. I just keep telling myself, God will make it all right. His thoughts, His opinions, pleasing Him should be my focus & it hasn't been the past month." I even received some emails from those invited congratulating us on a child and some folks at church thought we had indeed received a child. But we hadn't. I just felt so odd as the week progressed. Because of the delay in our home study, I never ever thought once we would have a child by the shower.

We met Little Bit on Friday, January 8th and the shower was Sunday, January 10th!! This was absolutely a sweet time for my friends and I. The excitement was wonderful!

Even if our Girl was at home, we would not have taken her to the shower, especially since she had spent the first 2 months of her life in the NICU. But thank goodness for 1 hour photo!! We printed some pictures off and the hostesses placed them on the tables at the shower. Courtney even made a plaque with Little Bit's name on it. I was amazed because she only had 1 day to get that done!
Bryan stayed with our daughter at the hospital. It was a little odd...I showered at home on Saturday, wore "lounge" wear to the hospital to spend the night in, and then dressed and straightened my hair at the hospital. I loved going to the baby shower, but it was strange to leave Bryan and our daughter.

Brooklyn made the cake. I thought is was just adorable. She did a fabulous job! I have to admit, it was special knowing the gender of the baby. It was neat to have a girlie touch to the shower.

We were truly showered with blessings upon blessings. But I felt all day it wasn't just a shower but a huge celebration party! It was so great to celebrate the answer to many prayers with people who are very special to us. There have been many godly ladies and families praying for us. Bryan's childhood babysitter who is in her 70s even drove up from Ada. That was a sweet surprise.It was such a joyful day! I didn't quite make it without any tears. But they were tears of joy! It was great to have tears of joy!!! They are so different than tears of sorrow! We have had joy upon joy over the past 3 weeks! It truly is like the hymn "joy unspeakable and full of glory full of glory oh the half has never yet been told!!"

Brooklyn's daughter, Ava, was also at the shower and was quick to tell me she was a helper and I think I remember her asking me what my job was at the shower because she had a job!! Actually, she had several jobs. She started out with Courtney and I as I opened gifts. She would hold up each gift for everyone to see. She was our little Vanna White!

About half way through, she asked if she could quit this job and go get some cake!!

Ava just melts my heart!! Our friend, Carla, thought she was such a great helper, she gave Ava $2.00!! You can see Ava holding the money, rather tightly, in the picture below!!

God's Word reads "a friend loves at all times." These 3 ladies have. They love me for who I am and they know so much about me! They continue to support us as parents. I am so grateful for their kind, generous, spirits. They have showed the love of Christ to me in so many ways! I have such a special place for them in my heart!

Thank you Vicki for taking the pictures for me!


Laurie said...

I am soooooo very happy for you! It makes me tear up!

Mandi said...

Julie, I am so glad that now you can say "God's timing is perfect" and know it to be true...and not just in a head knowledge kind of way. :)Little Bit is so very blessed with lots of love! It was very sweet of your friends to give you a shower. They will probably never know just how special it was to you.

Angela said...

What a special day! I'm so proud for you. God knew. He is so good!

Jamie said...

I am so happy for you!! God is so faithful!

Laura said...

So, SO happy for you!!

Faith said...

Wow, what a day! I am so thankful for the friends you have that were able to bless you in such an amazing way. God is so good and I am still so thrilled for how He has worked ALL things together for your good and given you this precious gift!

Betsy said...

Oh....that was so sweet Julie! You have wonderful friends. Joy upon joy!!

valerie said...

How fun! I know you were just having the time of your life.
Everything was decorated so beautifully and seeing the pictures of the crowd, you are a very loved woman! How sweet that the lady who used to babysit Bryan was in attendance.
Great job on the cake Brooklyn! & Great job Ava. What a good little helper.
I'm SO very happy for you!
(Little Bit is beautiful!)

valerie said...

P.S. We should have a little blogger's shower for you!

petrii said...

I am just so happy for you sweet one!! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your beautiful daughter and the journey ya'll are on.

Have a Blessed evening,

His Doorkeeper said...

Julie, I think that was the sweetest shower ever! Just knowing the great joy that was coming your way is a reason for celebration!! How are you all and Little Bit doing? I hope you are bonding and loving every minute of being a new Mommy!

Blessings to your family of three!

Lauren Kelly said...

This whole post just warmed my heart. Such a beautiful shower!!!!! Glad you got your forever family!! Love ya :)

Alyssa said...

I am sooo Happy for you guys!!! I cant wait to see little Gracie!!!! Love ya'll!!!