Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Our family has experienced one of the most memorable Resurrection Celebrations weekends! It is in part to having a wonderful blessing from God with our little girl, but the services we attended were just amazing! I wish all of you could have been with me to experience them and worship our Savior and King!
The three of us attended the Good Friday service at our church, FBC Newcastle. The worship leader, choir, and pastor led out in a Tenebrae service and we took the Lord's Supper as a congregation. The songs and drama truly caused a person to think on the cross, the sacrifice, our sinful selves, and God's mercy. It was amazing and really helped to honestly lead me to worship God. I am so thankful for those who worked so hard and gave up so much time so that I could experience it. The Good Friday service left me in anticipation for the services on Sunday.

Before we left for Good Friday Service
Bryan isn't in the picture because he just about got out of his truck and right into the car so we could get to church on time.

We had a nice Saturday at home, enjoying beautiful weather and working in our yard. There was even enough time for me to get all our clothes prepared and laid out for Sunday morning. I had a great Saturday. And thankfully, we were all dressed, picture taken, and on time Sunday morning!!

Here's a shot of my two favorite people while I worked on getting the timer on the camera ready:

I love it!! It was kind of an indication of how the morning was going. Little Bit didn't realize it was Easter Sunday and I needed a little time to get ready myself. Plus, she didn't really want to be in a dress. She prefers her pjs! She was a little fussy! We warned the nursery workers. And you'll never guess....she was perfect for them!! It is fun to watch Little Bit's personality slowly develop.
Our First Easter as a Family of 3!

My mom made this year's Easter dress for Little Bit. It is kind of a wild print but I loved the colors. I'm glad my mom was able to make her dress. Mom has been very giving to us and we loved going over to her house for "fittings."
This picture just makes me smile every time I look at it!

We have borrowed Nathan's Bumbo chair to see how she likes it. We did purchase one on Friday but I got a different color than I had intended for her and need to take it back and exchange it.

I'm looking forward to reading about your Resurrection Celebration Weekend!


Kelly said...

She looked so precious on Easter and it just makes me so happy to see your family of three on Easter!

petrii said...

Little Bit is so beautiful!! I love her Easter dress, LOVE IT!!! Your mom did such a great job on it. You all look so beautiful.

Have a Blessed week,

Kimberly said...

I finally got my computer back, and have reentered the 21st century. So happy to see all the pictures, and so happy for you and Bryan.
p.s. happy belated birthday!

Candy said...

PERFECT!!! I'm so glad ya'll had such a great Easter! The pics are so good and I just love that sweet girl's dress! Your mom sure did a great job!

valerie said...

Oh my gosh "Little Bit" is so darling!
I love the dress your mom made.
I am just so happy for you and Bryan!

Faith said...

How cute is she?!?! Little Bit looks darling in the dress your mom made for her - so sweet! These pics of your family of three make me smile!

So glad you had a great Easter!

Leigh Ann said...

Julie!!! I have been out of the loop for way too long!!! I had no idea you had that little piece of heaven! Congratulations. She is beautiful and looked precious in her Easter dress. I'm so completely happy for you!!! She is adorable!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Your family of three is just precious!!!! :)

Kimberly said...

Hi Julie Anne~

I am crazy as usual, and I can't find your address. Please e-mail me at