Thursday, February 17, 2011

Celebrate Come on and Celebrate!!

To celebrate Gracie's Adoption Day, we had a pool party in July 2010. My former boss opened their backyard and beautiful pool for us to use. Gracie has grown so much since this picture was taken!!
We had sandwich trays, a chicken tray, veggie tray, and fruit. We had tea, water, and lemonade. Then we had cupcakes for dessert. I didn't get very many pictures of the actual party because I was in the pool with Gracie. She has loved the water! Swimming was a favorite for her during the Summer of 2010. She had a two piece swimsuit. I have told her this was the only time she could wear a two piece! Ha! Modest is hottest!! :)
Gracie with one of her guest relaxin and drinkin' a bottle:
Some pictures of the festivities


A Joyful Chaos said...

She is absolutely adorable and you can see how happy you were to be able to call her your daughter.


Jessica said...

So sweet!! So happy for you!