Friday, February 13, 2009

Girls Night Out

This has nothing to do with Ladies' Night out, but I had to post this picture of Bryan and our nephew Jesse (although he is my cousin's son, I'm called Aunt Julie so we just in turn call him our nephew). Jesse, his sister, and his mom came over on Tuesday to eat taco salad and watch American Idol with us. Pryor to them coming over, Bryan had made the statement he hoped they didn't think he was too snobby because he had to spend some time in the office working on his project and wouldn't be out with us. HOWEVER, once Jesse arrived and Bryan had ate, Bryan held him the entire night!! I had to fight off some jealousy!! Bryan doesn't give up his time easily these days, even for me, but this little man is WRAPPED AROUND BRYAN'S FINGERS! Bryan loves this boy and his sister too. It is so neat to see and hear the love Bryan has for them.

Thursday was our first Ladies Night Out since December. We were really missing each other. Erin, once again, opened her home to all of us. It was a great night. We had baked potato soup, chicken soup, some marvelous queso, chocolate covered strawberries, and brownies. I'm sure I'm forgetting something!!
This is Brooklyn, Heather, and Vicki! I love these ladies! We were all in the same Sunday School class. Now, Vicki is attending a church closer to her home. We miss her!!
Our youngest member was sweet, little Avery. She is pictured in the photo above with her mommy Katie. I loved how Katie was caressing Avery's face!
We borrowed Erin's boys dry erase board and played a little pictionary! It was fun and we had a TON of laughs!
Erin drawing "bowling". We called this the aerial view!
Candi drawing "Napoleon Dynamite"
Have a wonderful weekend! Bryan and I have a full one ahead of us!
Happy Valentines Day!!


Kim said...

What a sweet picture of Bryan and Jessie! All that food sounds so yummy!! Have a great weekend! Happy Valentines Day!!

Mandi said...

Pictionary sounds like fun! Have a great weekend!

Jenna said...

Too fun! Looks like ya'll had a great time! Hope you and Bryan have a wonderful V-day weekend! Love ya friend!

Megan L Hutchings said...

What a GREAT night with friends! I love the decor in your friend's house ;)!

Angela said...

Awww, that is a sweet picture! The girls night looks like so much fun. I hope you have a great V-day!

Sherry said...

Looks like so much fun! I love how the gals had to get on their knees to use the eraser board :)

Happy Valentines Day!

Hillary said...

What a fun night!! Aren't those kind of nights wonderful?!?! We all need those from time to time!!

Heather said...

Happy Valentines Day, Julie! Looks like your girls' night was awesome!!

Jennifer said...

How fun! I always look forward to girls night! It's always so fun to be with friends you love! Looks like you have a wonderful group of girlfriends!

Happy Valentine's Day!

valerie said...

Looks like you gals had a very fun evening together.
Happy Valentine's Day, Julie!

MiMi said...
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MiMi said...

What a sweet picture of Bryan and Baby Jesse! Just adorable!

It looks like ya'll have an awesome group of ladies. How sweet of Erin to open up her home again for ya'll to meet and it looks like it is absolutely beautiful! It is so important for us girls to get to spend time with our "siestas"!!

Hope you had a Happy Valentines Day and have a blessed Sunday!

Love you, friend,

Leigh Ann said...

Jesse is a doll, and that GNO looks super fun!