Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Weekend 2009

Had I not looked on the calendar, watched TV, or had Bryan not made me a Valentines card, I'm not sure I would have even realized it was Valentines Day. We were so busy this weekend and literally had one commitment right after another.

We discovered on Thursday night our beagle, Lilly Belle, had tried to dig under the fence and get out. In the process she had a pretty ugly cut on her side. Originally we didn't think it was that deep and it looked like it was healing. However, when we looked closer on Friday night, it looked worse. We felt awful! We are terrible doggy parents! I promise we won't be this way with our own children. We debated taking her to an emergency clinic on Friday night but decided not to since we didn't know the vets that well. Instead, we got up early Saturday morning and went to our "family" vet.

Disclaimer to my appearance in these pictures: It was EARLY Saturday morning and I didn't want to get all prettied up and get dog all over me.

Lilly Belle & I at the Vet

It seemed to take a long time for the vet to come. Lilly was getting a little tired and anxious...."Is there anyone out there?" She was keeping watch!

The vet was able to put about 5 staples in Lilly's side but could not stitched up the rest due to the age of the cut!!!! We felt about an inch tall!!! She has an open wound now that has to heal on its own. We give her an antibiotic in the am and the pm. She is getting a lot of love! Bryan took some time out to play a game of cards with her!!

On Saturday morning, we also squeezed in attending Katie's last basketball game and visiting with my cousin in Kuwait over the web cam. Whitney invited us over to her house and we got to see and talk with him! Technology is great!!! In this picture you can just barely see Eric on Whitney's computer screen. Then we headed to Pauls Valley to pick up our beef from the meat processor. This was an experience Bryan and I will never forget. We are certified "Backwoods Hicks" now and I think we are proud of it!! Why? We asked for a tour!!! We were both so fascinated to see inside a meat processing place!!!

I have to tell you I did take a picture of the room where they "hang the meat to age" and I wanted so badly to post it on here but I didn't want to gross you out and I want you to still think I'm somewhat sophisticated!

I took this picture and Bryan told me I should call it "The Path of Death."

This is the shoot the bulls and cows walk down to get into the room where they are killed! The man even pulled up this huge knife thing to show us what they use to "bleed" them. I thought to myself..."This man could kill us, put us in the freezer, and no one would know!!!"

There were quite some funny aspects to our experience. The processor was located right next to a cemetery on Bethlehem Road!!! And I thought it odd our beef (at least we hope it is beef) came in boxes marked "shelled pecans."

Bryan and I talked like hicks all the way back to OKC!! We nearly ordered our drinks from Sonic talking with a huge accent, only because that's how the processors were talking!! Hilarious!! This whole experience gave us enough energy to make it through the rest of the day.

On Saturday night, we had a class V-day party at Brooklyn and Jorge's house. Each couple was asked to bring their wedding pictures. It was so fun to see every one's and look at the styles. Several of us had changed! Can you tell which one was ours? :)

We played the Married Game for our entertainment and Amy was the moderator since her husband, Todd, had to work. Isn't her daughter beautiful!!!!
We picked two of the most quiet ladies in our class! It was so much fun and we saw a whole different side of them. I'm a little worried they may try to pay Brooklyn and I back since we made up the questions and insisted they play along.

The Whitmores and The Smiths

They were all such good sports. Hilarious!! Do you remember the Newlywed game? Robert Smith did a great job acting like the contestants did.
It was a family Valentines Day party! Even the kidos had a great time!
There was a lot of love in the place!

Steven, Ava, and Jackson spending some time in the toy box!

I hope every one had a great weekend! And, I hope I do not loose some of you due to my new love of a meat processor place!! :)


Jennifer said...

It looks like you did have a very busy weekend! Your poor Lilly! I know that was probably as painful for you as it was her!

The Vday party looks like a lot of fun! I always enjoy being with other couples! I'm glad Bryan was able to come out of his office for the weekend!!:)

Have a wonderful week, Julie!

Jenna said...

Julie you are just too cute and so funny! I loved this update. Glad ya'll had a great weekend even though it was busy! Hope your week is awesome!

Megan L Hutchings said...

You are so adorable ;)! I think it is neat that you & Bryan do fun, interesting things together!!!

I love the Valentine's Day Party idea :)!

Honea Household said...

So I'm interested to you raise your own cows? My friend does it and I think it's a great idea if you've got some land! That way you know exactly what they are being fed and there are no antibiotics, etc. My friend just got some baby chicks and hope to have some eggs one day! Isn't that great?! I admire her. And you!

Lacy said...

Poor puppy!! That party looked like so much fun! That is a great idea to have everyone bring their wedding picture. I am going to store that in my "idea box" in case I ever host a Vday party! ;)

Hillary said...

What a cute dog!!!!!!! And I love the name Lilly!

Hillary said...

What a cute dog!!!!!!! And I love the name Lilly!

Kim said...

Oh Julie you are so funny!! Hope your doggie gets to feeling better!!

Faith said...

So sorry that Lilly Belle got hurt! I hope she is feeling much better soon.

This post was so funny! You guys are just the cutest and I'm glad y'all had a great weekend with each other!

Heather said...

I think you look adorable in the cute pic with your cute doggie! Hope she is feeling much better now!

MiMi said...

So sorry to hear about Lilly Belle's cut. You are NOT bad doggy parents! I would have probably done the same thing about the emergency vet because they are so outrageously expensive! I would have tried to wait until Saturday, too, and take her to the "regular" vet.

I think the picture of you and Lilly Belle is adorable! Hope she feels much better soon!