Friday, September 11, 2009


Earlier, in the later part of August (is that grammatically correct? Did I spell grammatically correctly?) I got to tag along with my sister, my niece, and her friends, while they celebrated my niece's 12th Birthday out on the town. We went to the movie:

It had been years since I had watched a movie in 3-D!! Very neat!!

And then we went to dinner at Abuelos's:

My niece Rachel in the middle with her 2 friends. Amazingly all 3 girls were 12!!! The size difference just cracked me up all evening long!

My sister, Jennifer, and I:

We celebrated Jesse's 1st Birthday at his house with his parents this past Saturday. He has really grown!!

I thought they picked out a really cute cake!

Jesse sure seemed to enjoy the cake too!

Bryan and I are going down to Ada this coming weekend and will miss my nephew's 3 Year Old Birthday party so we took Jackson, his mom, and my parents to Chuck E Cheese Tuesday night. I had not been to Chuck E Cheese since I was 5!!! Jackson seemed to really like it. I'm so thankful we got the minimum number of tokens in a package. It took Jackson forever to "spend" the tokens. He was just so engrossed in watching everyone else.

Does anyone else have a birthday I need to attend !!!!


Jamie said...

The little construction cake was super cute! I may have to steal the idea and use it at Payton's b-day in October.

BTW-Thanks so much for your prayers with my relative. They are greatly needed!

Megan L Hutchings said...

So, you and your sister look so much a like :)!

I think it was so sweet of you to help your sister out with the kiddos. Sometimes those nights are the best to remember to slow down and not take things too seriously.

p.s. LOVED the construction cake!

Lauren Kelly said...

Oh, Chuckie E. Cheese, boy does that bring back memories!!

And you and your sister look soooo much alike :)

Anonymous said...

The cake is adorable! Hope your niece had a special birthday! She's cute!
Blessings, Ginger