Wednesday, September 9, 2009

For Such a Time As This

Near the end of August I attended the Women's Conference at Emmaus with the theme of "For Such A Time as This." As always (it seems like for the past several months), I'm behind on blogging about it.

The decorations on the tables. I thought they were cute and went well with the theme.

One of the ladies made this wood cut out. I thought "she" was darling!!

Some of my friends led the group of ladies in Worship.

Amber Ivy, Amy Hillis, Julie Fletcher, and Betsy Vaughn on the keyboard (you can't see her).

I wanted to get a picture of them leading worship but I was afraid it would be too distracting. Instead I had them pose while they were practicing. Also pictured is Emmaus's Worship Minister, Joe Kellogg. He was one of a few men present at the conference. No wonder he made this pose!! :-)

The ladies did a great job. Sometimes I am so easily distracted with what is going on around me. But on this night, I closed my eyes or focused on the screen. I was able to truly worship and sing to my God. I appreciate them leading. The only thing....I feel bad for the folks in front of me since I am tone death (according to Bryan) and I know I must have sounded awful!! Music can be so soothing to me. I just wished I was talented enough to make a soothing noise!!

In one breakout session, a sweet godly woman whom I love and admire, Earlene Mays, shared this acronym:
P=Pray at all times Colossians 4:2 Jeremiah 33:3
R=Read the Word
A=Adore Him Psalm 37:4
I=Inspect your life. Confess sin
S=Surrender & Serve
E=Endure & Encourage

It amazes me how God can "speak" to each of us in different ways. I attended my friend Erin Anderson's breakout session on motherhood called "Timeout for Moms"; thinking I would use some of her insights at a later time when I am a mother. Erin shared Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!" Erin shared how some translations read "Cease striving." I'm sure this verse spoke to several women from the mothering perspective. But it spoke to me in such a different way. Bryan and I are in the midst of several important decisions. This verse has shown me that perhaps God is moving me into a position which will cause me to cease striving regardless of what I may want for myself. I think sometimes God will purposefully put us into a situation to bring us to a point of learning and closeness to Him. He removes "stuff" from our lives in order to hear Him and know Him more.

Erin is a great mother of 3 handsome boys and a huge example for me to look up to. She has the sweetest, gentlest countenance and she is so sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I was able to get a quick picture of her in motion before she started.

Erin is my friend who also opens up her home to ladies and mothers one Thursday night a month. She is so giving! In fact we have Ladies Night this very Thursday!! I am looking forward to it.

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Lauren Kelly said...

So sweet, and so glad you were blessed by this time :)