Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Few Firsts

Little Bit has had a few first in February that need to be documented!

1st Valentines Day

On Friday before Valentine's we visited Dad at his office and met his co-workers. We took Bryan a cupcake from Sara Sara in OKC. Throughout the week I had worked on moving some photos of Little Bit over onto a digital frame to have at his office and we took that to him as well. He tells me now he looks at it but on some days doesn't turn it on because it makes him miss Little Bit during the day.

This ape came from her Pop...even after he received several warnings from me not to give us so many plush Valentine toys! Her Pop is totally smitten! You can definitely tell he has waited a long time for this little one and loves her tremendously!! So do her Gran D, Nawna, & Poppa!

1st Time to Church

This is the outfit she wore her first time to church. I love the expression on her face!

It is so wonderful to be back at church as a family of 3! I am still learning the balance of feeding, attending Sunday School, and making it through a worship service without getting up.
Thank goodness for a timer on the camera and Bryan's tripod stand he usually takes to the gun range! We wouldn't have had a family picture of our 1st Time to Church without it!

1st Pair of Shoes

Bryan is not a big fan of her shoes. He keeps calling him her clown shoes! They are a little big, but I'm having a hard time finding shoes that go with several outfits that actually fit her. Although she is growing and gaining weight, her little feet still seem small!

She celebrated her 3 month birthday in February!! It is amazing how quickly time truly does fly. It is happening to fast!!


Angela said...

It does happen fast Julie! She is so precious. I love when you update so we can see more pictures!

Candy said...

She is just beautiful!!! I'm still just thrilled for ya'll Julie! She is sooooo sweet and tiny, I just want to hug her! :)

Jamie said...

She is a doll! I am so happy for all 3 of you! You may try Brown's Shoe Fit next to Hobby Lobby in Norman. If they don't have any they might tell you where to find some that small.

Heather said...

I just love all the pics of her!! What a pretty little girl! You know I am LOVING all her bows!!!

Kim said...

She is so beautiful!!

Faith said...

3 months already?!? She is just a doll. I think that lavendar may be her color - so pretty!!

Guyla said...

She is precious, Julie! I have to see her soon! Take care and enjoy every moment!

Jenna said...

Julie!! She is sooooooooo cute! Oh my word, I could just eat her up. I loved seeing all the pics of your happy family of THREE!

valerie said...

So precious Julie!
I love seeing the pictures and reading all about your life with "Little Bit."
I still want to meet her in person one day soon and hug your sweet neck!
I am SO thankful for what God has done for you all.

His Doorkeeper said...

Julie, She is growing like a weed! She looks so sweet in that purple bow on her head! Their feet are small and then they take a growth spurt and fill out quickly! You will probably go through many shoes in the next few months! She is a doll! Enjoy every minute!

petrii said...

They grow up so fast huh? Little bit is just absolutely precious!!!

Love you ~~ have a blessed day,