Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Greats

On Saturday, March 6th, we were finally able to make our first trip with Little Bit down to Ada to visit and meet her Great Grandmas...Our Granny and MeMaw!!! Neither one of them had met Little Bit in person. They had only saw her through pictures. Unfortunately, her Great Grandpas are not with us. But we have a lot of stories we can share and pictures! They were great men!

It was so great to see my Granny!

She has been very sick with shingles and then she fell and broke her hip. It is amazing how God can change your hearts! During a tense and uncertain time...WHAM God gave us Gracie!! I had not seen Granny since the day Bryan and I left her hospital room to go meet Little Bit for the first time on January 8th! Granny is recovering and slowly resuming some of her activities she did before she got sick this past fall.

Bryan's MeMaw had a stroke a few years ago. She still lives in her own home, but her daughter-in-law stays with her. We are glad to have MeMaw. She really loved Gracie!

Bryan's dad..Now known as "Pop", MeMaw, Little Bit, and Bryan---4 Generations

When Bryan was a child he stayed with a wonderful lady named Roberta. She is like a Grandma and mother all in one!! She is very special to us and loves Bryan so much. She was also able to come by Bryan's parents house.

It warms our hearts to see our grandparents love our little girl so much!! Some were hesitant for us to go the foster adoption route, but I think it is safe to say they are very happy now!


petrii said...

Little Bit is getting so big!!! What a beautiful little girl.

These pics are GREAT!!

Have a blessed day,

Jamie said...

Those are wonderful pictures that you will cherish for years to come.

Heather said...

She is growing and still DARLING!!!! I am still so thrilled for you, Julie!