Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Granny's 80th Birthday

This could turn out to be a long post. I'll try not to narrate too much and let you see the pictures instead. I'd love for you to look at the pictures and see my family.

We were blessed to have wonderful weather down in Ada for the party, and 80-85 people attended to wish Granny an early Happy Birthday. Her birthday was actually Monday 3/24. I think the party went well and our main goal of honoring Granny was achieved. My heart was so full when I spied on her through the window as she walked into the lodge from outside. I was so excited for her.

My cousin, Jared, helped me tremendously in setting up the room before other family members got there. I really appreciated his help and I enjoyed our time together very much. We do not get to visit much sometimes because our family is large and when we get together it gets a little crazy. But we had a wonderful time together Saturday morning.
Bryan's mom video taped throughout the afternoon. It is nice to have the video but you can hear my squeaky, high-pitched voice yelling "Surprise!" numerous times. I wish I would have thought about that and held myself more under control.

I have other things to blog about but I shall do that at a later time. I took 89 pictures!! I'll try keep this blog to only 87!!!!!!!

Pre-Party Pictures
My cousin, Jared helping set up. I told him to strike a pose.
My nephew, Jackson, and my Dad.

Bryan's Mom, Donna, and I before the party. We had the party at Wintersmith Lodge in Ada. Wintersmith Park is so pretty in the Spring.

Master Haskins and I outside getting fresh air before the party commenced!

My cousins, Alyssa and James. Doesn't Alyssa look like a ray of Sunshine? I thought she looked beautiful Saturday. Please pray for Alyssa and keep her in your thoughts. She will be a Senior in High School and has many decisions to make.
The Party Begins

Granny walking through the door. I thought she looked absolutely beautiful in her black and lavender.
Granny was not completely surprised. She felt we were doing something for her but she was caught off guard at the number of people that came and who actually came. She had a little speech prepared detailing all the things that gave the surprise away.
Granny and my cousin Jared.
Granny, my sister Kristi, and her son, my nephew, Jackson. He is adorable and lights up the room!
My cousins (Alyssa on the left and Dylan on the right), niece Kayla (in the burgundy shirt), and sister.

My niece and cousin. I love these girls. They have a very special place in my heart. I wish they were mine!!

Granny with her Uncle Willie and Aunt Helen

Granny and the group of ladies she swims with Mon-Thurs at East Central University in Ada. They also eat at the Senior Citizens Center regularly. Granny calls it "The Gourmet"

Bryan's Mee Maw

The Girls!! My older sister, Jennifer, is in the pink and white shirts. We had fun trying to take goofy poses.

These are some younger cousins of Granny. Jewel (in the blue) is their aunt and she was responsible for getting Granny to the party. Jewel told Granny she was taking her shopping. The thing is....Granny is not a shopper!!

Rose Mary....a very sweet friend to Granny.

You know these 2 from a previous post!!!

Bryan visiting with the Swimming Ladies. They wanted to meet my husband. I told them he was the handsomest one there. After they met Bryan, they agreed. I loved meeting these ladies. I believe they are Winnie and Joyce.

My family

Granny's entire family. There was one grandson, his wife, and daughter not present.

These were taken at the end of the party just prior to cleaning up. I'm looking a little tired!!


Kelly said...

Cute party! You did so great - I bet you were worn out but I'm sure it was so fun!!!
Cute green top! I know where you got it and I'm proud of you and it is VERY cute on you!!!!! :-)

Melissa said...

it looks like the party was a blast! i'm glad granny had a good time. i love your green top with white pants!!! so cute. thanks for sharing the pictures :)

Caroline said...

i am so glad you gave us an update. !!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE THE CAKE..IT MATCHES EVERYTHING!!! WONDERFUL. I am glad that you guys had a good time. I totally agree with melissa about your outfit!!!! i need that top!!!!! ya'll were all cute

Candy said...

What a party!! That looks like lots of fun. Your Granny is just precious! I also love your top and was thinking that the whole time I was reading this post. Now, are you going to share where you got it? :)

Lindsey said...

I'm with Kelly...loving your green shirt!

I'm so glad that y'all had fun. Those memories you'll always cherish:)

Angela said...

That looks like fun! Your Granny is cute! The cake is really neat looking. Someone did a really good job decorating that!

Jared said...

Love the top too...had to make sure that I chimed in with everyone else!

This was such a fun day! Glad we got to work together on it! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I just decided to check in on my friend and sister in Christ. Miss Julie, I miss you and was so pleased to be able to she your photos of you and Granny. Miss hearing the updates on her. Granny is truely blessed to have a granddaughter like you. By the way you do look good in that green top.......Billie Evans