Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not Your Typical AI Night

I had a great, great Wednesday Night. It all started off with my sweet, sweet friend Ava Grace Gorton (she is 4 years old). She is the daughter of our dear, wonderful friends Jorge and Brooklyn. Ava's younger sister, Stella Faith, was not feeling well and a little cranky. Brooklyn asked if I could swing by and pick Ava up for Wednesday night church. So, I gladly did. I wouldn't miss out on the opportunity to have Ava with me. Because I do not have a car seat in my little Honda Civic, I left it and drove Brooklyn's Kia Sedonda Minivan.

Can I just say driving a mini-van was very empowering for me!!!! It may be some time before I have a little one but I'm thinking I need a van now!!! Just kidding Bryan!!!
I'd love for you to see how sweet these girls are but I need to ask permission to share their picture first.
Brooklyn was making some wonderful soup and the plan was for us to eat together after church and watch AI once the girls were in bed(she DVRed that spelled right :) ). I had brought one of my half gallons of untouched Chocolate Toffee Ice cream for dessert. Brooklyn and I ended up talking and talking and talking some more. She is due to have their third child next week on 3/13. And she has done a marvelous job gathering information on adoption for us. She has a close friend who used the adoption program at Deaconess Hospital in Oklahoma City. Brooklyn and I talked about a wide variety of things. We ended up not even turning the TV on and I left at 12:00 a.m. right before Jorge got home (He is a PA in the ER at a local hospital). I have such a wonderful time with Brooklyn. It is so easy to share with her and I'm so comfortable with her. I am blessed, blessed, and blessed some more to have her as a friend. And a great thing is our husbands like each other too. What a plus!
I realized this morning when I woke up, we didn't even touch the ice cream! Brooklyn: If you are reading this, please please eat up and share with Jorge and the girls!!
I have no idea how they performed this week, but I like these two.

I just want to squeeze his cheeks and hug him! He seems so sweet and he has a nice voice on top of that! Unlike Paula's comments from last week, I don't particularly want to hang him up on my rear view mirror!! She was a little odd with her comments last week, don't you think?
There may be a girl with better vocals (I seem to always miss the girls singing) but I loved what Brooke said in her audition and I'm sticking by her. I remember her saying she doesn't watch any rated R movies. Bryan said that didn't necessarily make her a great singer. Ha! Ha! But I do like her voice the few times I have heard her during the competition. There is also one other girl who sang Amazing Grace for her audition but I don't remember her name. Does anyone else? Is she still on? Maybe I can find some of this week's AI on YouTube??? I wish I could watch some before the elimination show.


Melissa said...

I have a little civic too! I love it now that gas is over $3.00/gallon!!! I like all the features on minivans, but not sure I could drive one :)

Kelly said...

The Amazing Grace girl is still on - her name is Kristy Cook.
Those two are my favorites also.
I'm glad you have such a good friend! Sounds like ya'll had a fun night.

Caroline said...

I love mini-vans. My mom always drove one till we were in college. That is the car I learned how to drive with. I loved getting all my friends in it and driving around town!!!!!!!

Angela said...

I love my mini-van! It is nothing special and an older model (nothing like the cool ones they make now with the seats that flip around) but it works with my kids!

I'm glad you had fun with the Ava! I know Brooklyn is as thankful for you as you are her.