Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

It might be easier for me to recap our weekend in pictures. We had a great weekend, had tons of fun, but I am glad it is over and I can come back to work to rest!! We had one of those weekends where I felt like we were going and going.

Bryan and some of his co-workers dressed for Halloween. Bryan is wearing one of his old BDU tops from his days in the OK National Guard.

This sweety was one of our first visitors. This little one actually lives on my street. I asked her mom how old she was and she's 7 months!!! I realized after they left that obviously the 7 month old wasn't going to get her candy so her parents were just using her to get to the goods!!! :)

Whitney, Katie, and Jesse came by. Jesse's costume was a little too hot to wear but I loved his little onesie. It says "This is my costume."

Some other cuties....

Of course we also had to get a picture of the football player and this soldier. Many of the kids came with pillow cases!!! I feel for their teeth later on!!!!

Brooklyn and her family came by. Ava was the cutest Dorothy and Stella was Cinderella. I mistakenly called it a princess costume earlier in the week and was promptly corrected!!

Guyla came by with Caleb and her husband Keith. Caleb is such a sweet, polite boy. I enjoy seeing him. (This was later into the night and I was getting just a tad bit tired, thus the highly medicated look in my eyes!! :) ).Bryan and Keith met for the first time and they really seemed to like each other. I think they talked more than Guyla and I.

On Saturday I had several coupons that I had to use at JCPenney's and Bath and Body Works and Victoria Secrets. I made a list of seriously 10-12 things I needed to get done and I don't think I accomplished half of them Saturday afternoon. I hate that because I still have those things hanging over my head. Norman was just a crazy place to be Saturday due to the OU/Nebraska football game.

We ended our Saturday evening with a Sunday School fellowship watching the OU game. This is Todd Chapman with his 3 children.Robert Smith, Bryan, Joe Don, and little Jake.

When I went back to take a picture of this little guy, it looked like his room had been turned upside down!!!
This is Jackson, the little boy of our friends who hosted the fellowship. His dad called Bryan on our way home to tell him the UNBELIEVABLE outcome of the Texas Tech/Texas game. Jackson then got on the phone to talk with Bryan. Bryan said all he could actually understand from Jackson was TOUCHDOWN!!!

Side note: The outcome of that football game was AWESOME!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! Tonight Bryan and I are going to a church wide prayer meeting for our country. Pray tonight and tomorrow and GO VOTE if you haven't already.


Kim said...

What a fun weekend! We watch the Texas/Texas Tech game down to the very end! It was so exciting!! I think we watched more of that game than the OU game!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

Wowza! It looks like you had your fair share of trick or treaters ;)! Cute ones I might add!!!

Faith said...

Great pictures! I can tell that you guys had a great weekend!

petrii said...

Those are some of the cutest itty bitty costumes I've ever seen ~~ what a creative neighborhood you live in.

I love all the pics.

Have a Blessed week, Dawn

Kristen said...

What a fun weekend! I love all the pics...Brooklyn's girls look so precious!

Laura said...

I'm not sure who had more trick-or-treat fun? You or the kiddies?! Ha! Great pictures! It was a great weekend for football!

Guyla said...

It was great to see you Friday night!! Sorry if we kept you up too late. :)

MiMi said...

What great pictures! It looks like ya'll definitely had a really fun weekend!