Monday, March 16, 2009

Hey Good Lookin' What's Ya Got Cookin'

Disclaimer: I'm not calling myself good looking. Honestly. I was just trying to think of a catchy title.

We have several expenses coming up with Bryan's graduation, and Bryan has been extremely busy, and it has been nasty weather so I am really trying to cook more and stay at home. Why don't we do this more often??!! I love the comforts of home and eating supper in my lounge wear (mostly pjs if the truth were told) !!

I cooked on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday so far. I was at a Bible study on Monday and Bryan picked himself something up after his class on Wednesday.

Tuesday's Meal

Chicken in "Red Sauce"

My friend, Krista, gave me this Weight Watchers recipe.

I doubled the recipe because we had company. But the normal recipe is 1 cup ketchup, 12 oz diet coke, and 3-4 chicken breasts. Simmer all 3 together for 40-45 minutes. Remove pan from heat and the sauce will thicken. I love the sauce over rice.

I forgot to take an after picture so you'll have to settle for my left overs picture. Bryan loved this recipe and ate it up until he accidentally discovered the ingredients. But he will still eat it now. At first, I thought it would taste really ketchupy, but it doesn't. It is easy. While it simmers for 45 minutes, you can be busy working on something else.

Thursday's Meal

Chicken/Potato Soup

My friend Brooklyn made this soup for me over a year ago and I loved it. You buy this mix from Wal-Mart and add the other ingredients (I used homegrown frozen corn and 2 cans chicken). Just follow the directions on the package.

Upon Brooklyn's suggestion I waited until the last 10 minutes to add the corn and chicken.
Bryan typically likes to have something extra with his soup so I made him a grilled cheese sandwich. I loved having this soup on Thursday because it was so could outside!! Major comfort food!!

Friday's Meal

Steak N' Corn

I got this recipe from a friend in Ada over 8 years ago!!

I really think you can make this with any cut of steak. On Friday I used chuck steak we just recently got from the beef we bought.

Marinate/Season the steak to your liking and then cook it in an iron skillet (I used wortshire sauce, liquid smoke, salt & pepper). While the steak is cooking, cut up a tomato. Once the steak is done, throw the tomato and corn in the skillet and cook until done. I forgot to take a picture when we sat down to eat, but I did get this picture of the corn/tomato cooking.

I was inspired by Kelly's pantry organization. I woke up at 4:00 am on Saturday morning and couldn't go back to sleep. So, I thought with all this cooking, it might be helpful for me to organize my spices and "pantry" cabinet.



Then on Saturday I cooked supper to take to my sisters for a family meeting. We had enchiladas.

What's so ironic, I've done all this cooking and due to schedules and commitments this week, I will only be home to cook this coming Friday!!! Thank goodness for left overs!!


Lauren Kelly said...

Are you trying to make my mouth water???? All that food looks SO good!!! :

Jenna said...

Oh my word. This post makes me extremely happy!

Kim said... all looks so good! Can you please come and organize my pantry?

Jennifer said...

Yay for you! I have been trying to cook more recently and I am actually enjoying it. I always dread the thought but then I am glad I end up doing it!

Those all look so good! I am for sure going to try the chicken with diet coke because those are two of my favorite things and those in a recipe together would have to be good!!:)

Faith said...

Good for you girlfriend! It all looks so yummy!!

MiMi said...

Girl, you are on a roll! I really want to try that chicken with the red sauce.

I love leftovers! Sometimes we have "Leftover Night" and just clean out the fridge. I love having a "little bit of this and a little bit of that". I especially love not having to cook when I come in from work!

Linda said...

Wow you have been cooking Mrs. Good-Looking! I am going to have to try that soup and I love the WW chicken I have made it before but didn't serve it over rice I will have to add that next time. I see you have been organizing too. Looks great!

Angela said...

Yummy! That stuff looks SOOOO good! It is nice to cook at home. The pantry organization looks great. I need to get to mine.

Lacy said...

YUM!! Your food looks so delish!! Great job on the organization too, I need to do that!

Megan L Hutchings said...

YUMO! Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful recipes ;)!

Leigh Ann said...

Great! Now I'm hungry! Looks delish!

Laura said...

I made the chicken/coke/ketchup recipe before. Actually, it's an old WW recipe and I love it! I just haven't made it in a while, so thanks for reminding me!! Gosh, those chicken enchilades looked SUBURB!!

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