Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness.....

It doesn't just have to be in basketball, does it!!!!???
The month of March has flown by for us!!

Earlier in the week, my boss and I filled out our NCAA Tournament brackets.
We are playing for a chicken fried steak dinner from a local cafe in OKC!!! As of Friday AM, he was ahead by 1!!!! Sadly, I didn't pick my own state team to make it very far, only going to the Sweet 16!!! I did pick NC to win the whole tournament! My former boss was an NC grad so I usually choose them, especially when they are a No 1 Seed!!!! I don't really watch too much basketball but filling out a bracket makes it a little more fun.

Bryan presents his thesis on Monday March 23rd...again, more March madness!!! He asked me to proofread his paper Friday, which I did. Next Tuesday will be a GLORIOUS day, no more project work!!! I had marked engineering technical words in his paper just because I couldn't even read them, how was I to know if they were spelled right!!! My man is S-M-A-R-T!!!!!

He has spent every evening of his Spring Break finalizing his power point presentation.

Last weekend, I dropped by Boston's 1st birthday party. He is so adorable! Brooklyn asked me to take pictures with her camera. Looking back I didn't get one picture of Boston opening his gifts or eating his cake on my camera. But I think I did okay for Brooklyn!!
In just a little over a week and a half Brooklyn's girls will be having their party together! I'm excited for their gifts! I've been carrying them in my trunk for a week! Bryan and I had fun shopping! We wish we were kids again...kind of...maybe...not really!!! :-) But they do have all kinds of cool stuff now!

March 30th - April 5th is National Spring Cleaning Week!!! I hope to start mine this weekend!!
We have had a busy week and I'm behind on some down and dirty cleaning!! I also have a few organizational projects to start. Now that Bryan is finishing his school project, maybe I can get some order back into our office!! :-) Isn't it good we have an entire week to get the Spring Cleaning done!!!!
Happy Spring Cleaning !!!!


Megan L Hutchings said...

I am so happy for Bryan that all of his studying and hard work has paid off. I know you are PROUD!

I had no idea there was an entire week devoted to Spring Cleaning but that makes me HAPPY :)!

David Francis said...

Glad you love your Sunday School class! (I track Google alerts on "Sunday School." Mind saying a little more about why you love your class?

MiMi said...

You're right --your man IS smart! I know you must be so proud of him. I can't even imagine how much work is represented in those pages!

Hope our Tarheels help you win that chicken fried steak dinner! Go Heels!

Laura said...

Congrats on the win against Tennessee!

Lauren Kelly said...

So happy for Bryan and how precious are those pics and that cake is TOO cute!!!!! :o) Happy spring cleaning, my friend, haha!!! :O)

Linda said...

Congrats on no more projects. Boston is a cutie, happy birthday to him. I see you had my Memphis Tigers in the final four, so do I but I have them beating Louisville. I guess we will see soon enough as it comes and goes by so fast every year. Have a great day!

Guyla said...

How exciting that Bryan is almost finished with school. I hope his presentation goes well tomorrow!

Jennifer said...

You and I had a very similar weekend... filling out brackets and proof-reading our husband's thesis. We should both get wife-of-the-year awards!

I thought you would have picked OU going a little further though...

Mandi said...

Oh, tomorrow will be such a HAPPY day for you and Bryan! Praying all goes well today with defending his thesis.

Lacy said...

I love filling out my bracket in an unconventional cool names. I ALWAYS choose "Gonzaga" and I don't even know where that college is, but I think their name is neat! ;)

Chic Runner said...

I found your blog through another blog.. I was adopted and am going to be writing about my adoption when I was little throughout the month of april and thought you might be interested. So great for Bryan and all the march madness going on around your house! :)

valerie said...

Bryan has worked so hard. I know there is such a relief for both of you.

I love March Madness & watching all the games.

Little Boston is adorable.
I can't wait to see what you got the girls for
their upcoming birthday.

You're a good friend, Julie! I know Brooklyn appreciates you.

Heather said...

I love Spring Cleaning! Actually, I love it most when it is done, but still!
Good luck with the cleaning AND the bracket!
OH- and I would kill for some OK Chicken Fried Steak right now!!

Jennifer said...

I'm missing you! I saw on FB that you were sick. I hope you are feeling up to blogging soon!