Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Found Ty

Here is my very own Ty Pennington.........

(and a picture example of why I've not been posting/reading blogs much)

Bryan wouldn't pose with his shirt off!!! :-) :-)

I didn't dare ask him! I was afraid he would get upset and quit working!!

Bryan took 2 days off work to finish the trim on our house. I've been working/cleaning on the inside and keeping the yards up. We bought an edger this weekend. I have been asking for one for 7 years...the entire time we've lived in this house!!! And now that we are leaving, I get one. Our yard had not been edged in 7 years. We just "tried" to do it with the weed eater. It was hard work edging the first time! Bryan did it all so hopefully the 2nd time around, I can do it and it will be easier! I really hope our new house has a nice driveway and sidewalks so I can use this brand new tool!!

Since I first typed this post, Bryan has finished the trim and he has saved one small piece for he and I to hammer in together. I thought that was a great idea. Except...neither one of us have been home in the evening since Tuesday evening!!

I should have before and after pictures soon!


Faith said...

Looking forward to seeing what you all have been working so hard on! It's exciting!!!

Linda said...

It is nice to have a handy man around.

Megan L Hutchings said...

Having a handy man husband is such.a.blessing :)!

petrii said...

Okay so sad confession coming ~~ I have no idea what an edger is. Obviously I don't need one, or maybe I do and don't know it. Oh no, what's a girl to do?!! Let's hubs figure it out =)

Have a Blessed and restful Memorial Day,