Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Great Bake Off of 2009

This year Bryan and I decided to give baked goodies to his co-workers. There are 12 individuals he wanted to give to and we thought baking would be a thoughtful and less expensive way to share with 12!!

I started baking on Tuesday with Ande' Creme Mint Cookies...I think they taste like Christmas!

Then I finished up last night making Cowboy Cookies, Bon Bons, Chocolate Covered Pringles, and English Toffee.

I had a wonderful time doing it but my muscles were tired at 11:45 p.m.! Bryan was a huge help while I baked and put the containers together. He folded the laundry which may not seem like much to some but it helped me from getting mentally overwhelmed with tasks to get done. I really appreciate him. Plus, it kept him out of the way!! :)

I do have to admit, when I was packing all the containers, loading the dishwasher, and washing large dish after large dish, the thought did cross my mind...why not do $5.00 sonic cards. That sure would be easier. BUT, it would have been more expensive. Plus I truly enjoyed baking the goodies.
I was most proud of the English Toffee. I had never made it and I think it is rather tasty. I used Paula Deen's recipe. I felt very southern!! I thought about trying to talk like her with a strong accent to see if my candy would turn out better, but by this time, Bryan had already fallen asleep and it was just me and our cat!! No one to entertain! Too bad I didn't look as pretty as she does in the kitchen too. I admit, I was wearing my pjs while I cooked. I had to change again before I went to bed because I had chocolate on them!!

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Lauren Kelly said...

You're the next Paula Deen in the making!!!!!!!! :)