Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Love Bryan

I got up at 5:00 a.m. this morning while Bryan was sleeping so I could get his snickerdoodles made and hid before he got up. I managed to get all the cookies done and hid in the cabinet before he got out of the shower and came into the kitchen. Here is the $1.00 container I suffered at Wal-mart to get last night. I loved the card I got him this year. The message fits my feelings for him
"I love being married to you

I love the boy in you—the one with the big grin and warm hugs who says and does so many things that make life a lot of fun….
But even more than that, I love the man you are—your strength, your friendship, your warmth, and all the other things that make you special. I love everything about you—and I always will."
I am so blessed to be married to Bryan. He is my best friend. I'm so glad he lets me do some of the fun things he enjoys. Like going to the gun range, walking to the deer stand in the woods, and going on hikes looking for deer tracks. I don't mind any of it. I am just thrilled to be in the same place he is. After 10 years, I love him more and more each day.
I drove to surprise him at his office around 10:00 to deliver the card and cookies. He was surprised and his face turned a little red and a little blotchy. I asked him if he shaved too close this morning because it was red. His co-worker said "I think he is blushing!" Bryan said he wasn't and he just had dry skin.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!


Linda said...

How sweet to go to all that trouble for your husband on this special day. Thanks for stopping by my blog I have enjoyed reading yours. Welcome to the world of blogging and you are so right it can be very addicting.

Angela said...

Julie, You are not going to believe this...I have that very same card for my husband. We are high school sweethearts, too. Maybe it spoke to us because we knew them as boys?

Kelly said... are such a sweet wife!

Candy said...

Very sweet!!

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

That is so sweet! Happy Valentine's Day to you both. :)

Caroline said...

It is so nice to meet you! thank you for stopping by my blog. I am not remarkable..just love the Lord a lot! I am just in the first week of "Stepping UP" and i love every minute of it. I am excited that this study is much different than her norm. I will add you to my reading list!!!!!Have a wonderful weekend too!!!

Melissa said...

Thanks! Those cookies look delicious! What a sweet wife you are :)

Jessica said...

Sweet!!! I love that you asked him if he shaved too close. That is hilarious, and I know he appreciated you being so thoughtful!