Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I enjoyed having the blog break. I did think about blogging every day and it sure was tempting to get on and see what every one was up to. But I didn't!! However Bryan did get on a few of your blogs and told me what was going on!! Heee Heee!!! I didn't ask him to, honest. He just volunteered some information.

While I took a break from blogging I didn't finish the book I wanted to finish. But I did get in some great reading and prayer time on Wednesday afternoon. I enjoyed the quiet time. I did accomplish one HUGE goal....catching up on my personal journalling. I do not write my deepest feelings or struggles on my blog because there are some things that are private and I only share with Bryan and God. I wrote out 22 pages of my thoughts, experiences, frustrations, praises, songs, scriptures in my journal. I thought this would be healing and at times it was. On other times, it brought back some emotions that I'm beginning to wonder if they will ever go away. But I'm thankful I got all the journalling caught up. I did a couple pages each day.
I'll try to summarize the rest of the week in pictures.
A huge item on my project list was cleaning out the front flower bed and planting new annuals and perennials. I got this accomplished!!!! It took me the whole week; working a few hours each evening.
I lost count on how many bags of mulch we used. Not all of the flower bed is shown in this picture. I think we used at least 10 bags.
On Thursday evening we had a Girls Night at my Sunday School teacher's home. It was Emily Foster's birthday celebration.
Emily Foster

Heather Smith and Vicki Sears
Courtney Fisher and Amy Chapman (co-leader in Sunday School)

The Ladies

Left to Right (back row): Amy Chapman, Heather Smith, Brooklyn Gorton & Boston, Emily Foster, myself, Toni Waddle. Left to Right (front row): Vicki Sears, Courtney Fisher.

On Friday Bryan had to work in the computer lab at OU so I joined him. I was thrilled to go because it would force me to work on more of my journalling plus it gave me an opportunity to be in the same place as he was. He has been incredibly busy this week. So I went with my pen, Bible, and iPod. I got a lot accomplished while he worked on his project that looked incredibly complicated. It was kind of neat....we even shared headphones and my ipod!! I know I know, how romantic!!! heee heee heee.

This fountain is just outside the engineering school at OU. OU has the prettiest campus!! I love it!!!

MY MAN!!!!!! We cannot wait until April 2009 when he will have his Masters in Engineering!!!Afterwards we went for pizza at Hideaway. In honor of THE University of Oklahoma, our pizza was called THE BOZ. (Does anyone remember Bryan Bozworth from the 80s? He was a great player at OU). The pizza was great and we ate way to much!!!!

On Sunday morning Bryan and his co-workers ran the relay for the OKC Memorial Marathon. Bryan ran the first leg of 6.1 miles!!! I was proud of him. We had to be downtown at 6:00 A.M Yuck!!!!!

Bryan putting on the chip that recorded the time for everyone. I would have taken a picture of him at his relay spot as he finished but due to some confusion I didn't get one (a entirely different post that would take way to long).

Bryan and his co-workers.

Left to Right (back row): Bryan, Corey Yeager, Todd and his wife Allyson. Front Row: Jessica Yeager

Okay! I think I'm done and caught up. Now I need to go read everyone's blog and catch up on what you've been doing.


Kelly said...

Oh I'm so glad you are back!!!! I have really missed you but it sounds like you had a great time off. I cheated and came back a little early. But I still had a great time off too!!!
I remember the Boz and that pizza looks so good. Very impressive that Bryan ran in a relay. Couldn't do that (wouldn't want to). ha!
I'm glad you have been journaling. Hold on to it - one day you may smile as you look back and read!

Kim said...

I was so excited to pull up your blog and see a new post! My husband is a HUGE OU fan, so of course I know who the Boz is!! I am glad you had such a productive week. Your flower bed looks very pretty. Wanna come do mine for me??

Candy said...

WELCOME BACK!! I was getting worried about ya! Glad to hear that you had a great time off. It sounds like you got a lot accomplished!! I missed you and I'm so glad that you are back to blogging! :)

Caroline said...

JULIE JULIE JULIE!!!!!!!! GIRL I HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR YOU!!!! i have missed you and your words of wisdom and i am soooooo glad you are back. I PRAISE THE LORD... that you had some good time to just enjoy things and time to write to him!!!!!!


Melissa said...

Welcome back!!! IT sounds like you had a great week off.

valerie said...

Hi Julie,
I'm proud of you for taking the time off the blog that you needed.
Journaling is so great. I'm pretty good at starting them....and then wait awhile and get another started. I recently found one from a few years back and it's so amazing to see how God answers prayer &/or changes situations. There are things I think we can easily forget if we don't journal them. You're right...some things are not for all to see.
OU's campus is beautiful and seems to get prettier. I'm proud of your husband. That's great that he'll have his masters.
Yes, I remember Bryan Bozworth. One of my friends graduated with him at OU and had her picture taken with him. Little did she know he'd be in the movies!
The flower beds looks great too. If you look at my blog from last Sat. you'll see that my husband and brother-in-law re-did my mom's.
They were terrible and they fixed them up so nice. It's a lot of work, but it makes you feel good afterward.
It's good to hear from you again & we'll talk again soon.

Megan L Hutchings said...

I have really missed you Julie! I am glad that you had a good break from the blogging and experienced some good qt with God!

Heather said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love it when people stop by. I have read your blog several times. I think it is great that you journal. I really need to be better about that myself!! I look forward to getting to know you!

Lindsey said...

Glad you enjoyed your break!

The flower bed looks fabulous....and so does that pizza:)!!!!

Faith said...

Hey Julie!! So glad you are back to blogging! I praise the Lord that your time alone with Him was so fruitful. I love to hear that you have been journaling...that is one of my favorite things to do, and I love to go back and read how the Lord has worked in the past when I am feeling discouraged and wondering where His hand is. I am continuing to pray for you and Bryan!
Oh, and the flower beds look so pretty! Great job!

Kristen said...

Hey Julie! I'm Valerie's daughter and I've been meaning to swing by and check out your page.
Congrats to your hubby for getting a master's in engineering! Very impressive. I had a couple of friends at OSU who went through their program..not easy!
Speaking of OSU..that Hideaway pizza made me seriously hungry!
Have a great night!

Betsy said...

That sounds like a wonderful week to me! I love journaling, too, but don't get to do it much anymore. That pizza looks amazing!!! And your yard looks great, too!!

Glad you had such a relaxing break from blogging!