Thursday, April 10, 2008

True Confessions of a Towel Thief

I should warn you....I might be wearing this cute little outfit sometime soon!

Why you ask? Well, yesterday I went to work out at the YMCA yet again. Bryan dropped me off and then left to go take some pictures of some flooding for his job. I was at the Y for a looonnnggg time!! While there I did at least 30 minutes of the treadmill and then 3 circuits of every weight machine I am set up on!! I can hardly move my legs today!! That may not seem like a lot to anyone else but that was more than I had done in quite some time. It was after 7:00 when Bryan came to pick me up. I was chugging down water when he called my cell phone so I immediately grab my sweatshirt and walked out the door. We were driving down the street when I realized I had walked out with one of the YMCA's towels!!!! I felt awful!! We didn't turn around and decided I would just take it back there today when I go. I promise I will take it back! I wonder if they have me on camera! :) Does anyone blame me though.....I had worked my behind off (well not quite but I'd like for some of it to go away) and I had been there a long time, starving nonetheless!!

I have a busy weekend. This week is the annual Falls Creek Women's Retreat. The guest speaker is Jennifer Rothchild. She lost her sight and has written several bible studies. I have never participated in one she has written. I'm looking forward to hearing and learning more in the Word of God.

I can't decide if I am going to ride down with a group of ladies or if I'm going to drive myself, get there a little earlier, and catch up on some personal journaling. We shall see.......


Kim said...

I love Falls Creek! I have great memories of summers there with my youth group when I was younger! It is such a peaceful place. Have fun!!

Linda said...

Funny gym story. If you do have to go to jail please let me know because I will have to add that to my list of excuses of why I can't exercise... I might take the towel!!! :) Hope you have a great time at the Bible study.

valerie said...

Hi Julie,
We got lots of rain too...I think my husband said we got almost 3 inches of rain here! Today the sunshine was nice, but how about that wind?!!!
My sister invited me to go to the retreat at Fallscreek with her church, but I'm not able to this time. I know it'll be good.
I am, however, going with our youth to Fallscreek as a sponsor in June! I went as a teen, but haven't ever been as a sponsor. Should be interesting, but fun.
I'm proud of you for going to the Y. And, I happen to think 30 min. is a long time. I'm so bad about exercising. I have a treadmill at home and need to get my behind back on it. I hurt my foot a few months ago and had to wear a boot and I got out of the habit.
I'll be checking back in to be sure you took that towel back. ;)
Have a good weekend.
P.S. My daughter has a blog now...her's is

Melissa said...

I use to go to Falls Creek every summer for church camp! I love walking up and down all those hills, it's so pretty. Enjoy, I want to hear all about it when you get back. I'm definitely drive myself kind of girl, but either way sounds fun :)

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Well, I'm sure we all have a story like your gym story. At least you're being honest and taking it back! I hope you are blessed at your bible study!

Caroline said...


Angela said...

You're funny, Julie...a thief? Silly girl!