Monday, May 12, 2008

Camping at the Speed of Light

Our camping trip went by so fast!! Not much to report but a few pictures of God's country. Doesn't it just amaze you at the vastness of His landscape that HE created!!! I'm amazed how in Oklahoma you can go from woods, to flat wheat fields, to rolling hills with cedar trees. God is good!
We got a late start on Friday and took the long way to Roman Nose. Bryan wanted to eat at this place in Okarche that is well known for their fried chicken. So, no roasted hot dogs and chili for us over the camp fire. Crazy thing.....did you know you had to have wood for a camp fire?? We worked so hard to make sure we had our tent, mattress, and food that we neglected to throw some wood in the car. And, there was no wood to be gathered at the campsite unless we cut down a tree!! It seems everyone else had beat us to the wood supply. Regardless, we had a great time.Our Campsite Saturday morning.
Breakfast of Champions: Dr. Pepper and E L Fudge - Fudgesticks!!!
I wanted a picture of proof I did rough it. Bryan wanted to take it while I was in my camouflage!! Can you find me???? This was my "hiking" gear. But we ran out of time before meeting up with my family and we didn't get to go hiking. :(
My brother-in-law, Clay and my niece, Rachel. I loved this picture of them sitting together. We met up with my family and an aunt and uncle around noon on Saturday. Bryan and I didn't have a lot of time to do much around the camp. We laid on our air mattress Friday night looking up at the stars. I don't get to see them much living in a big city. We woke up late on Saturday morning. It was the best sleep I had all week long, no joke!! The temperature was perfect for us to camp on Friday night.

Bryan asked me to take this picture. This is part of the golf course at Roman Nose. The t box is in the front of the picture and then you hit (I don't know what the correct golf term is) across the canyon to get to the hole!!!! You can see that in the far back of the picture.

We had a fast paced weekend. We went to Sunday School at our church Sunday and then bootscooted quickly down to Ada to spend the day with Granny and my mom for mother's day. Bryan spent the afternoon with his mom too.

My mom and I on Mother's Day at Granny's House.

I'm picking her up tonight and taking her to dinner/shopping as her Mother's Day gift. We should have some quality fun time together.


Faith said...

I am cracking up at your breakfast!! I'm so proud of you for 'roughin it' out there! What fun memories you made this weekend!

Melissa said...

Love the breakfast! Sounds like something i ate in high school haha. thought about you when i heard about all the storms, hope yall are okay!

Caroline said...

oooooooo so fun. I am glad you both got to get away with family!!!!! and then spend time with your mothers.

How are you doing? Are you having an ok week? any specific prayer request I need to lift up. Just been thinking about you sweet friend!!!!!

Heather said...

I am glad you had a good time camping. With the crazy weather you've been having, I was praying you would have good weather. I also prayed that you and your husband would spend some great, quality time together.

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm with Caroline. Please let me know if there is anything specific I can pray for you!!