Friday, May 30, 2008

Crazy Days

I've been wanting to post some of this but I also wanted to participate in the favorite room blog at Kelly's Korner.

Do you ever just have several days in a row that are just crazy--busy, hectic, confusing, tiring, laborsome? Where you feel like you go and go and wonder...Am I ever going to get ahead? Will I be able to rest again? It's just been an odd 3 days for me. Here goes...

I am having family at my house on Friday night and then we are having 25-30 people at our house on Saturday for Katie's 8th Birthday celebration. Katie is my cousin's step daughter. Right now, Eric is stationed in Maryland so we volunteered our house and Bryan's grilling services to help out Whitney and make sure Katie had a party. I worked on my list of to do and to buy items all day.

I decided I wouldn't go to church that night but instead I would stay home and get the house cleaned, the deep cleaning kind of cleaning. I had to do it on Wednesday because I needed to get the yard ready on Thursday. I had told Bryan I would focus on everything because he needed to prepare his Sunday School lesson before this weekend since we were booked up. DO NOT SKIP CHURCH TO CLEAN YOUR HOUSE!!! At about 7:00 Wednesday night I had major stomach/digestive issues and I was in the bathroom at least 4 times in 45 minutes. I was miserable!!!!!! I didn't get finished cleaning until after 11:00 and went to bed around 12:00 Midnight!!!!

Such a very tiring day....I left work early (3:45 pm) and did the following
1. Went to bank, deposited check, and got cash.
2. Went to Academy to buy a shirt I had seen but decided I didn't like so I left without anything.
3. Went to jewelry store to buy the present for my cousin who is turning 30 on June 4th.
4. Stopped by a sno cone stand. This was one I hadn't tried before. I ordered a Margarita sno cone with extra sour. The girl was younger than I was, had a yucky piercing, and looked at me like I was from outer space!! I felt very very old.
5. I was talking to my older sister Jennifer when I drove away from the sno cone stand and I barely missed a man in a wheel chair wheeling through the parking lot!! Scared me to death!! I decided to cut the call shorter.
6. Went to Wal-mart to pick up some additional flowers for the deck and two plastic chairs. Paid for everything and realized once I got to the car, one of the chairs was cracked so I had to go back in and get another one. On top of this it felt like it was 110 degrees!! I haven't grown accustomed to the warmer weather.
7. Stopped by a child's clothing store to pick up a present for Katie. I didn't like anything I saw and felt some of the items were slightly inappropriate for an 8 year old.
8. Went to JCPenney's and bought Katie a birthday present.
9. Drove through drive thru at Taco Bell and ordered a bean burrito, no onions with extra red sauce. I asked the clerk if they had sweat tea and he said "Let me make sure we have some made." 7 seconds later. "Yes we do" So I ordered a sweat tea. Do you know what I got. Bean burrito with NO extra red sauce and unsweet tea. I didn't take it back because I had to get home and start on the yard. For future reference...DO NOT MESS WITH MY BEAN BURRITOS AND SWEET TEA!!!! It is not a joking matter! :)
10. Mowed and trimmed the front yard.
11. Put down remaining mulch.
12. Swept entry and sidewalk
13. Washed front windows and front storm door.
14. Watered flowers
15. Began mowing the back yard. I wanted to bag it but it kept getting clogged. I ended up having to leave 1/3 of it undone and Bryan said he would finish it tonight before cooking the steaks. Very frustrating!!! I trimmed the back yard but I had to change the string at least 15 times. I promise I don't think I'm exaggerating. I just could not do the back yard right. I lost it. I was frustrated. I wanted to get everything done and not carry anything over to Friday. Bryan found me on the deck in the dark crying. I was physically and mentally worn out. I just wanted to get things done!!!
16. Took a very long shower and shrubbed my legs and toes. They were nearly stained green!!!
17. Went to bed!!!!!

1. I woke up, wide awake, at 2:30 am this morning and I've been up every sense then!!! I nearly broke down and bought a Monster energy drink on the way to work this morning but I didn't!!!
2. After I couldn't get back to sleep I went into the office (at home) at 3:00 am and put photos in my album. The good thing about waking up so early is you get a few things done. I even journaled a little in the albums.
3. While driving to work I encountered a rude driver. While I was driving down a city street I put on my blinker (promise I did), looked behind me (promise I did), saw a white mazda behind me, and switched lanes. I am completely truthful in saying there was plenty of room between me and the mazda. The driver honked at me ever so rudely. There was no need to honk so loudly and I mean she was laying on her horn. It hurt my feelings especially in my fragile, tired state! A little further down the road I wanted to get back over. Apparently I didn't get over fast enough and the same white mazda laid on her horn again!!! I just couldn't figure out what she had against me. I politely got over and never looked to my side when she drove by. Funny thing was we each took 2 separate routes to get onto the interstate and guess what......I got on the interstate first!!! So Ha Ha to you white Mazda in Oklahoma!!!
4. I have to go home and make 28 hamburger patties!!!!
It just seemed like in nearly everything I did, I ran up against some snags! Uggghhhh!!!!


Heather said...

I need a nap just from reading that!!! I will pray that God gives you extra strength this weekend and that He makes you feel as if you have had the best night's sleep!! And, I'm sorry about the white Mazda. Rude drivers are the worst. I hope you have a great weekend.

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, you just described every day with my two boys! Cleaning is a never ending battle around here!! I go from one room to the other and by the time I am done, they have messed up the rooms I started with. Have fun grilling tonight! Oh by the way, I got a Pink Lemon Sour sno come yum-o!!

Faith said...

Bless your heart!!! You have been going non-stop! You are my kind of girl with the bean burrito though...I knew I liked you!
I hope you are able to enjoy your weekend and relax a little after all you've had going on!

Candy said...

Girl, you have been SO busy!! Wow, I'm tired now. I hope you are able to enjoy your weekend and slow down some. Still praying for you!!

valerie said...

Wow, you've been a busy lady!
It's nice of you to have the party at your house. It'll be a fun time.
Hopefully you'll get some rest on Sunday!
Have a fun weekend.

Alana said...

I'm worn out just reading that, but I've certainly had those days!

And by the way, I like my bean burrito with no onions and no red sauce ;-)

Melissa said...

Your story makes me even more tired! That's been my ENTIRE month of May. End of school year (always something), moving out of apartment, trying to fit everything in Bobby's, PLUS a wedding, Girl I really feel your tiredness!!!!!! I hope the birthday party was wonderful tonight. After hearing all this, you need to read having a Mary heart in a Martha world. It says quit fussing about the to-do's and enjoy the moment. I'm beginning to wonder if a man wrote it haha :) because really who can do that??!!!

Angela said...

Oh my goodness, girl! That Thursday, well EVERY day, wore me out! I hope that you can finally relax today and enjoy the party. At least you have this blog to vent :)

Kelly said...

Just reading this wore me out!!!!

I hope your weekend goes good after all the work you put into it. I hope you get to relax and just have some fun!!! We will be expecting a report!

MiMi said...

I hope after all of your hard work that you have a wonderful weekend and find some time to just relax! That is SO hard for us women to do!

I wanted to thank you for visiting my new blog and for your kind comments.

I look forward to getting to know you better in "blogland".

Betsy said...

Awww...that sounds crazy!! Poor thing. I hope everything turned out well after all your hard work!! Let us know how the cookout went.

And, by the way, I can totally relate! I've had days like that (or THOSE in your case!) :)