Thursday, May 29, 2008

Prayer Request for Super Summer

Kristine Young is a very very dear friend of mine. Her husband, Jeron, is the Youth Minister at our church. Together, they are doing a fabulous job. Their heart of service is a huge example to Bryan and I. They have influenced us tremendously. We are so blessed each time we get together (by the way I had my first sno cone of the season with Mr. and Mrs. Young. I guess they are to blame for the addiction!!) She sent me an email today and included this request. I asked her if I could share it with all of you because I knew you would pray. Super Summer is this coming week. I understand it is a huge leadership function for the youth at Oklahoma Baptist University. Part of her email is below and are in italics.

will be gone Saturday through Friday----I will be a team leader "mom" for a group of 7-12 students--leading discussions, prayer time, etc---Jeron is an assistant dean---which means he will be helping with the different ins and outs of the school he is in throughout the week--he will also be teaching three times during the week-----please please please pray for our students---this is a leadership camp---we have some great students going---and some that are potential leaders---we desperately need these leaders--and we need their passion for God to spread like wildfire-----in their own hearts and throughout this ministry---and our church-----
Please pray for Kristine as she leads these girls. Pray she will be full of the spirit and have the boldness for Christ she needs to make a positive impact on these students. Pray for physical and mental strength for both her and Jeron.


Heather said...

You got it! I will definitely pray for them and for the kids!

Caroline said...

DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be a wonderful time!!! I am so glad you shared this requests!!!!!!!

Candy said...

I will begin praying now. :)

Faith said...

Will be praying! So thankful for their service to these young people!

valerie said...

I will be praying!
OBU is in my town!
My niece attends super summer and is always so blessed and enjoys this week.
Thanks for asking us to pray. I am privileged to do so.
God bless,

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

I will be praying, girl! We desperately need some young leaders to step up in this crazy world!