Friday, May 30, 2008

My Favorite Room / My Favorite Things

A very special blogger friend, Kelly, is doing a wonderful post!! We are to post pictures of our favorite room in our house. Check out her Wednesday May 28th blog for tons of wonderful other bloggers and their favorite rooms.

I do not have a favorite room in our house yet because all of our rooms and even our house is a work in progress. Right now, Bryan's focus has been on trying to get the vinyl siding complete (he is doing it himself) so we have not updated anything on the inside. Hopefully this winter. The two rooms that I like most are my bedroom and the living room. I posted pictures of them as well as some of the items in the rooms that make them special. I hope you enjoy

This is our bedroom looking from the master bathroom. It's very tiny but I love our bed. We've only had it for about 2 years and I just bought new bedding and curtains this year. I saved and saved and saved to get just what I wanted instead of settling.

The bear with the "B" came with some cologne I bought Bryan for Christmas one year. He wears Burberry. I kept it since obviously his name starts with a B.
I worked very hard picking out these curtains, and I love the color. I need to get a different curtain rod, but I had already hit my budget with these curtains. The sales associate was very helpful. I kept asking her what she thought...should I go with a valence or should I have something longer. I wanted to make sure they matched the bed skirt. I don't think she really cared. I think she just wanted me to make a purchase and quit taking up her time.

My night stand and a close up of the books I'm reading. I have a HORRIBLE habit of starting several books at one time. No wonder I'm so scatter brained. Everything runs together.

This cross and picture are also in our bedroom. I got them both at Affair of An Affair of the Heart. When my life gets hectic, I get tired, and I just need to think I often lay on my bed and gaze at these. They help me put things in a better perspective.
Our master bathroom (very little) is done in animal print. This is actually a quilt rack I bought but I think it fits well in our (my) bathroom.I bought this plaque (not sure what to call it) with my niece Kayla last Fall when Bryan and I were really focusing on trying to start a family. Kayla helped me pick it out. I told her I wanted to hang it right outside our room so each time we walked out the bedroom door we would see it and be reminded to BELIEVE God will give us a family. Although it did not occur the way we had hoped, I have left this up and we still BELIEVE God will give us a child.

Here are some pictures of our living room. This is still a room in progress (we need to carpet and paint and tile). I had a garage sale and saved up for the new couch and love seat.Looking into the living room from the hallway. The next picture is looking from our eating area.
My father-in-law bought this old dresser for me and re-finished it. They gave it to me as part of my graduation present from college. It sits in our entry way. I'm very proud and honored to have it. He also bought this cedar chest and re-finished it as well. They gave it to me for Christmas the year before Bryan and I married.

The glass jar with cross top is filled with the flowers family and friends sent to us after our last tubal pregnancy. I wanted to somehow keep them as a reminder of our friends and their love and God's goodness. I have another one in our kitchen.

The yellow roses and purple flowers came in a huge bouquet from Bryan's co-workers. This bouquet alone filled up one jar.

This is one of my favorite walls in our living room. It is right above the cedar chest. I need reminders of faith, hope, love, joy, and peace surrounding me.

This next picture is a quilt rack that is in our entry opposite of the antique dresser. These quilts are very special to me. The one on the left was made by my great-great-grandma and my great grandma on my mother's side. The one in the middle was made by my Poppy's mother. I never got to meet her. Granny gave me this quilt after Poppy died. It is very special to me.

I bought these blocks at Affair of the Heart as well. My dear friend Kristine gave me the bear and because she gave it to me and it has the OU sweater on, I cannot put it away out of sight!!!! Actually, everything on this shelf has special meaning but I will not take up space with the details now.

This picture and vase sit on top of our entertainment center. The vase holds the roses Bryan sent to me for our 10 year Wedding Anniversary.

Lastly, I love old white pitchers. I have collected several over the years and due to space limitations I have quit collecting them. Here is my collection. Excuse the border. It was in the house when we bought it. I'm not a huge wallpaper fan (If I had anything I'd rather it be stencil so if I changed my mind I could paint over it). I hope I didn't offend anyone who loves wall paper. It is pretty in homes but it isn't my personal first choice.

I included way more than I intended but I didn't know where/when to stop. I'm sorry if I bored you. My house is not the newest, it isn't the biggest, and it isn't the fanciest. But God has provided a home we can easily afford and we are looking forward to making the upgrades and perhaps selling it in 3-4 years.

Have a great weekend.


Heather said...

Your house is beautiful! I LOVE everything about it. It feels so welcoming, even through the pictures. I noticed you are reading Having a Mary Spirit. I loved that book!!!

Kim said...

I think you are doing a wonderful job on your house and it is so welcoming and homey. My husband and I are just purchasing our first house, and it is not the biggest or fanciest either, but it will be home and that's all that matters :)

Melissa said...

I love the coziness of your house. It feels like you can come in, prop your feet up, and just relax. I love that!! Cute idea with the flowers.

ocean mommy said...

I think your home is inviting and it's obvious that it is a place where God is!

Love the BELIEVE sign. That is great!


Betsy said...

Your house is so cute and cozy, Julie! I love all the colors and the crosses. I love things that remind me to slow down and remember all God has given me and that He is in control. So welcoming!!

Caroline said...

where do i start julie!!!!!!!!!!

1. i love your something i would pick out. the head board is just beautiful!!!!

2. again julie the something I would want. I love them!!!!!!!

3. old white pitchers...ok ill be on the out look for one....they look wonderful!!!!

ok love you stuff. I do I do

love you and have a great weekend!!!!

Kim said...

I love the flowers in the vases! How creative! You house is beautiful.

His Doorkeeper said...

Julie, your home is just beautiful! I love your bedspread and those gold shams are awesome! I love them! I love your old chest that your FIL did for you and I also love the old cedar chest. My Mom had one for years and I'm sorry we did not keep it! I love pitchers and have many....the white ones look super! Thanks for sharing your wonderful home. It is warm and lovely as you are!

Faith said...

I really like your home... you have some very neat pieces.
-the headboard and the nightstand...very pretty
-love the plaque...I BELIEVE too!
-great couches
-the white pottery is so pretty
-LOVE the quilt rack and the quilts hanging on it...absolutely love it!
I'm so glad you shared this with us!

Tanya said...

The bedding is beautiful. And I love how you made a display out of the family quilts. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

I love seeing your home!!! I feel like I know you even better!
It is just lovely an I love all the sentimental things. I can tell you are someone who is very sentimental and I love it!

Candy said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I have loved seeing pictures of everyone's house. I'm nosy, I guess but I just love looking at houses! Your house is beautiful and so inviting, love it!!

Angela said...

Julie, I love the photos of your house. It is neat to see where people live. Your bed is great. I have bed envy :). I also love the idea of the quilt rack in your bathroom. I have never seen a cool looking quilt rack like that.

Lindsey said...

I adore the "old dresser"! I am an antique junkie! Love it! Looks great:)

P.S. I noticed your bed was made. HA!

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

I love it all!! Your bed and bedding is awesome!!

karamy3sons said...

I love your home, you can decorate really well! It does not matter how big or fancy your home is, I am just thankful to have a home and a wonderful family to fill it with! Your towels in your bathroom, love those, where did you find them! Have a blessed week!

Jer. 29:11-13