Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mt. Vernon and Annapolis, Maryland

This is the last of our whirlwind vacation blogs...promise!!! We were going nonstop. Oh how I miss it but I seriously think I could not keep up that constant pace.

On Saturday 7/5 we drove to Mt. Vernon and we loved it!!! We stood in line 2.5 - 3 hours to tour George Washington's home.
We want to go back some day because due to time we missed seeing some of his gardens and demonstrations they were giving. There was just so much to see. They had a tour based on the scenes from National Treasure 2 but it was sold out when we got there at 12:00!! It was very moving to view his bedroom and see the actual bed he died in. We could not take pictures inside the museum.
We also walked down to his tomb. We hate to say seeing someone's burial place was the highlight but we felt very honored and privileged to see the place where the 1st President of the United States was buried. Our trip was full of so much history! We live in an amazing country and we have had amazing leaders!!
There is also a very nice museum/visitor center at Mt. Vernon that have several relics and displays pertaining to George Washington, his home, and presidency. We saw some of his clothing. It was amazing. But once again, due to time, we cut our visit short. We have to go back!!!

Yet again, Bryan saw someone he knew from Oklahoma. As we were leaving the visitor center I heard him say "Fancy seeing you here." I thought he was talking to me as I walked out of the bathroom!!!! Nope. It was another guy (different from the one in DC) that he had a class with at OU. I'm telling you, it was crazy!!! We just laughed and laughed that he ran into someone he knew 2 days of our trip all the way on the east cost!!!

This was outside of George Washington's home toward the very end of the day. We had taken a break on the beautiful lawn. Do we look tired or what??!!

On Sunday, I just did not think my leg could handle a lot of walking in DC again so we drove to Annapolis, Maryland to see the US Naval Academy and other sites. I believe one of the things it is known for is their chapel. It was very nice and ornate inside. My pictures did not turn out but the stain glass was gorgeous. This is taken inside the dorms where the "recruits" stay. The art work was amazing. So beautiful. There was also a fresh class of Plebes there. We were able to see them marching. They had only been there 5 days and looked scared to death!!

I had to take a picture of the Olympic sized swimming pool at the academy in honor of Granny. She swims everyday at the college in Ada. This pool below is slightly bigger than what she is used too!!! It went under the stadium seating!!! I so would not make it at the US Naval Academy considering I only can swim on my back!!!!!

This football is from the first Army/Navy game.

You probably know they have a HUGE rivalry!!! Bryan was in the Army National Guard early in our marriage. I told him his Army guys need to pick it up!! Go ARMY!!!

View from the back of the Naval Academy.

I LOVED Annapolis!! We want to go back again!!!
A police officer volunteered to take our picture with the harbor in the background. I promise I didn't even ask. She said she was from a large family and knew how important pictures were. I loved her!!!! I truly did not pressure her to take our picture. I think Bryan let her take the picture due to his fear of being arrested if he didn't allow her to take it!!!
We enjoyed seeing the Naval Academy and Bryan remembered there were a few scenes from the movie Patriot Games filmed there. When we got home we watched the movie and Harrison Ford walked through the exact same gate we did!!! We were pumped!!!!

Annapolis has a really neat downtown near the harbor. We ate great seafood and clam chowder for the 3rd or 4th time!! This was our last full day of vacation and we wanted to get in the last of the seafood and clam chowder while we could. This was the view from our restaurant. We ate upstairs.

We ended our last vacation day with Eric and his family! We ate a nice dinner with them in Aberdeen, Maryland. We enjoyed our time with Eric and really tried to make the most out of it. If he is deployed to Iraq, this may have been one of or possibly the last time we see him before he leaves. We just don't know his schedule yet. I'm so glad we had a lady take our picture together.
Bryan and I made a mad dash back to Gettysburg Monday morning before catching our return flight. He picked up some officer buttons and I bought an "aged" American flag.
I saved this picture for last. It was taken on Monday in Gettysburg right before we made a beeline for the rental car place and the airport to catch our flight.

I found the army hat in Annapolis Maryland in a souvenir shop. Since Bryan was in the OK Army National Guard, I felt he had to have it. And we found it funny that we bought an "army" hat in the town that is home to the US Naval Academy. I LOVE BRYAN HASKINS!!! This picture just makes my heart skip around!!!

The End!!!!!


Heather said...

Mt. Vernon was one of my favorite places to visit. I'm glad you got to go!! I love to swim!! I would have been in heaven in that pool! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your vacation!!

MiMi said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I have never been to Annapolis or the Naval Academy, but it looks like a great place to visit. Would have loved to see Washington's home and burial place, too. Thanks for making me feel like I made the trip with you. Great pictures!

Kim said...

How funny that you ran into people that your husband knew!! We can't go ANYWHERE without running into someone that my husband knows!! We were at DisneyWorld in 2005 and he this guy he knew was sitting at the table right next to us eating!!

Brooklyn said...

i just loved "hearing" all about your trip. i don't think i need to go now! just kidding we still want to go. you did a GREAT job planning and seeing so much. that is a great picture of bryan at the end. and a lot of good ones of the both of you. jorge and i love you guys and feel so blessed to have you as friends. see you tomorrow (hope you rest up!).

Kristen said...

You are so cute about you hubby! Glad you guys had such a great time!

Angela said...

I think it is amazing that they have preserved some of George Washington's clothes. I would have loved to see that!

Linda said...

One of the last family vacations we had before everyone started leaving my parent's nest included Mt. Vernon. This brought back many fun memories.

Jessica said...


Thank you for your sweet comment! Your vacation looks amazing too! : )

Kelly said...

I LOVE mt vernon!!! I would love to go to annapolis - I'm glad ya'll did that. That chapel is BEAUTIFUL!
What an awesome trip you had! That is so sweet what you wrote about Brian at the end.

ocean mommy said...

We LOVE Mt. Vernon and look forward to the time we can go together!! (Chad sang there WAY back when he was in Boys Choir and I've been a couple of times with my family!) How cool would that National Treasure tour be?!! Those are our favorite movies. :)

Looks like a great vacation.


Megan L Hutchings said...

I would love to visit Mt. Vernon and see all of the wonderful sites you did ;)! That swimming pool is AMAZING ;)!

Love the picture of Bryan!

Brandon & April said...

Wow! What a nice home and that pool makes me wanna go for a swim! Thanks for sharing!

Candy said...

I can't wait to see some pics from Monday night! :) I'm so glad ya'll got to meet. :)

Leigh Ann said...

Wow, you really got to see some amazing things, Julie! I loved seeing all the pictures.

Lindsey said...

What fabulous pics! I'm so glad you had a wonderful vacation! I enjoyed looking at all your pictures!