Friday, July 25, 2008

A Good Book Among the Busyness

This week has been so very busy for me. I have had commitments every night this week, except for Monday night. And, I do not have a free day/night at home in the evenings until Monday August 4th. I either have family commitments, time scheduled with friends, a shower to prepare for, and meetings at church. I love getting to participate in all of these things but it is beginning to take it's toll on me. I'm not sleeping well. You'd think I would be dead to the world when I sleep simply from exhaustion but I've been waking up at 3:30/4:00 the past 4 days! YUCK!!!!!

Monday evening Bryan and I cooked bratwursts on the grill. I'm so glad we had that time together. I sometimes wonder if people think he and I have all the time together because we do not have children. But these past 2 weeks would definitely prove those folks wrong. The few hours I've been home, Bryan was either working some routine maintenance on my car or he has been studying for his Sunday School lesson, or he has worked late. It has been crazy for the both of us!! The little time we have had together has been sweet and we have learned to appreciate it.

I neglected to use my camera on the fun things I've done. On Tuesday I watched Brooklyn's kiddos so she and Jorge could go out and then Thursday was Book Club for our church. I completely intended to take pictures at Book Club but got side-tracked. I LOVE Book Club. The senior ladies (70-90 years old!!!) are so sweet to me. I love looking them in the eye and listening to them. I love hugging them. I love seeing their eyes light up. I was so blessed from book club this past week.
I knew we would be on the road some last weekend and I would have a little reading time so I checked this book out from our church library:
Oh my goodness gracious, great balls of fire!!!! This is such a great book!!!!!! I could not put it down. There are some parts of it that made my heart so tender. I picked it up just based on description on the back cover. I had not read this author and I wanted something different. I was interested in it because the story was about an adoption and the birth mother. I thought it would be interesting to read from a birth mother's perspective since we hope to adopt. There were so many different stories that evolved throughout this book. People find Christ, family relationships are healed, tragedy happens, and much much more!! You just have to read it!!! Please tell me if you do. I want to write about so much more but I don't want to spoil it for you. Plus Brooklyn is reading it now!!! Bryan kept asking me what it was about and I just would tell him "Oh there's so much happening I don't know where to start." It made my heart so soft toward a birth mother. I cannot comprehend some of the feelings and thoughts she must go through. I know all things work out according to God's perfect plan, but I feel so burden for our birth mother. I feel an urgency to pray for her and her decisions. This book made me stop and think more about an adoption from a birth mother's perspective. I do realize not all adoptions happen or occur like they did in this book but still. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!!

Tonight I'm off to a house warming/birthday party for my little sister and then tomorrow we are going to Western OK. My dad's mother is visiting from Oregon. I have not seen her in several years. Please pray for a sweet reunion and I ask you lift me up in your prayers asking God to help me follow through with my convictions to build a stronger relationship with my grandma. Thank you.

Have a blessed weekend!


Heather said...

Oh my, girl, were we separated at birth? I, too, am the Queen of Over Commitment. I LOVE to read, and I am also in a book club at my church. I haven't read that book, but on your recommendation, I definitely will!! I will pray that you get some sleep and that you have a wonderful reunion with your grandma!! Love you!

PS. I'm going to Sam's tomorrow ;)

Kelly said...

Julie - don't WEAR yourself out!!!!!! I am guilty of over committing too. AND Scott and I don't spend as much time as we should together even though it's just the two of us.
I'll have to look that book up!
Hope you get some rest this weekend!

Faith said...

Wow, you have been busy and it doesn't sound like its going to let up any time soon! Try to get some rest so you don't get so burnt out!

I have been looking for a good book to read, so I will have to check this one out!

Have a great weekend, Julie!

Faith said...

Wow, you have been busy and it doesn't sound like its going to let up any time soon! Try to get some rest so you don't get so burnt out!

I have been looking for a good book to read, so I will have to check this one out!

Have a great weekend, Julie!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I think it is a woman thing sweet Julie! We all tend to do, do, do (remember when I hit the "wall!")until we are exhausted! I hope that your trip to OK is a great one ;)! There is nothing better than spending time with grandparents!

Betsy said...

Whew!! You are a busy girl!! I am the same way. I love to stay busy, but I miss my down time if I go too much!

Your book club sounds so cute. You've got to take pictures! That book sounds interesting. I love getting new books to read, so maybe I'll see if our church library has it!

Slow down and get some rest soon!

Laura said...

I have seen that book in the local Christian book stores and wondered if it was good or not. Thanks for letting me know! Have a great weekend visiting your Grandma!

Heather said...

I will be praying for your trip, and your busy-ness over the next week or so.
We had a crazy week like that, too. My hubby and I have barely said "hello" to each other!
Thanks for being a blessing to me!

MiMi said...

It sounds like you have been very busy and I remember those times in my younger days. I was not very good at saying "no" to anything I was asked to do. All of them were always good things, but I am like you, in that when I get overcommitted the first thing that happens is I start to lose sleep. It is important that you still have some "me" time, too.

Thank you for the book recommendation. It sounds like something I would enjoy reading.

I hope you have a good week and try to find some time to rest over the weekend!

Brandon & April said...

That book is awesome I bought it and read it on a trip too!! I am really bad about staying busy although I'm trying to do better about it! Just keep counting down until Aug. 4th!

Leigh Ann said...

You HAVE been busy. Wow! You are such a great friend to watch your friend's children so she and her husband can go do something together. I mean, that is just being an awesome friend! I have a special heart for adoption, as my sweet and beautiful niece is adopted (from China). My sister prays for her birth mother even now and has told me when Sarah gets old enough, they will pray for her birth mother together. Thinking about it makes me all teary! What a great gift a birth mother gives. I can't even imagine! I definitely need to read that book. Try to get some rest!

Brooklyn said...

oh my goodness julie, i am loving that book. i am at the part where david and sarah are heading to abingdon so i'm about 80% done. i can't wait to see what happens! i can't wait to hear about your time with your grandma...hope it went well. you seemed distracted at church today? did you have fun in tuttle? ok, enough with all the random thoughts. love ya, girl!