Friday, September 26, 2008

Closets and Organization

I have to confess...I may have a cleaning list but that doesn't mean I always follow it to a T. One of my projects that have been on my list for a year (since I switched jobs) was to clean and downsize items in our closet. I have several things I have not worn or have shrunk (I grew!!). Twice a year I take some of my nicer clothes to a resale shop in Norman. I lazied around and didn't take my summer clothes this year so I knew I had to get on the ball to get my winter clothing there.

I have recently had two inspirations or fuel to my motivation: (1) BooMama's Before and After she blogged about and (2) I committed to a charity to pick some items up at my house this coming Monday. So I first started with my closet (I had no idea this was what BooMama did until I just clicked over there a few minutes ago to get her link)! You have to know the closet space in this house is absolutely ridiculous. We totally missed that fact when we bought this house. My closet is so incredibly tiny. I did not take a before picture because it was absolutely, without a doubt, 100% pathetic!! Clothes were everywhere and items were stashed in there. Sweaters were unfolded. It was just in disarray. It got to where I didn't realize what I had and even forgot about some items.

There is a show I've watched on cable and I just cannot remember the name of it. They go into two rooms and take everything out onto the lawn and sort it according to Keep, Sale, Throw Away. I tried to do a similar thing:

I started my project on Monday during some football and I just now finished my closet at 10:15 PM Friday night. Note: I did do work at commercials while watching Biggest Looser, The Office, 20/20 special tonight, and the debates. So I was not constantly at it. Which is unusual for me. I hated dragging this out and having things strewn everywhere but it was definitely something that required a ton of time. Plus how could I miss those shows!!!

My small pile to donate from my closet went from this:

To this:

I just started thinking of things I did not need or had not worn in 1-2 years. Plus I weeded through some of Bryan's clothes and miscellaneous household items as well.
Here is the final picture of my closet. I still need to go get a tote for my sweatshirts but trust me, this looks way better. I can see the floor now. Can I get some sympathy, Please!! You can bet if we move one major requirement is for the master bedroom to have a HUGE walk in closet!!! My dress clothes are squished in there.

Next week I will have to iron and take the clothes to the resale shop and hopefully make some extra cash!!

I'm excited for this weekend. Whitney, Katie, Jesse, and I are going for a brief visit to Granny's and then I'm coming home early to go to the OU game with Bryan!!!!! Yes, you read correctly. We are attending a football game together!!! Yippee!!! We are meeting and sitting right next to Brooklyn and Jorge.

Boomer Sooner!!!!!!!!!


Laura said...

Oh, please, please, please come do my closet!!! You go, Girl!

I'm actually getting my man to paint our bedroom this weekend!! Woo-hoo!! Of course, it's before THAT Bama v. Georgia game!!!

MiMi said...

Oh my, you are making me feel guilty! Every time I walk into my closet I say to myself that I need to take an entire weekend and "clean this mess out!" But, do you think I ever actually do it? NO! I hope with the seasons changing and having to swap some clothes out that it might MAKE me do it! Thanks for the encouragement! I'm proud of yours (and a little jealous!) (-:

Melissa said...

the closet looks great!! don't you love organizing??

valerie said...

Good for you, Julie!
Oh how I need to do that. Our closets are so small. I need a couple of days in a row.
We get calls all the time from various organizations and I always come up with something to donate. It helps everyone!
Yay! You get to go to the game!
Did Bryan start feeling guilty? Just kidding Bryan. ;)
My husband is going to the game tonight too. I'll be watching it on my comfy couch. Oh I hope OU wins! It should be a great game.
Y'all have fun and tell Brooklyn I said hello.

Kim said...

I need major organization to my closet!! It seems like I always get the boys done (maybe because they grow out of clothes so much faster!), but never mine. Hope you had fun at the game! We were watching it on TV.

Leigh Ann said...

You are inspiring me. I need to do that, too.

Megan said...

Congrats on getting your closet clean!!! It is so much work at the time but the end result is soo nice. I really need to do this, and just get rid of a bunch of clothes!
Hope you guys had fun at the game!

Jennifer said...

I hope that you all had a great time at the football game. We cleaned Addelynn and Alexander's closet this weekend! Man, that is never fun! I have to start deciding what to sell and get rid of now!

Megan L Hutchings said...

Wow! What a project!!! I am so impressed ;)!

I have often wondered why builders would even contemplate making a closet small???

I am so glad you & Bryan got to go to a game together...YAY FOOTBALL!