Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Family, Fun, Football, Frazzled

My older sister, Jennifer, was brave on Friday and let her daughter, Rachel, have a slumber party for her 11th Birthday!!! We joined in on the festivities for a while. Her house was so loud!! It was hilarious!!! Pre-teen girls say and do some funny things.

My niece is in the plaid shorts and black t-shirt. Katie makes up the front row.
Bryan had the great idea to buy Rachel roller blades for our present! She really loved them. Jennifer tells me she has been living in them!

Whitney, Bryan, and I went together and bought Eric a gun for his graduation gift. I think he really liked it. A great blog story would have been the chaos I had in buying the ammo for the gun. I went to Academy all by myself and it stressed me out!!! I won't even try to write out the details.

Between Bryan's football philosophy for this year and him closing his eyes in pictures, I'm about to bonk him on the head!!! We took this picture out at my sister's. I know it annoys Bryan and Eric but I want to have as many pictures in my vault as possible before Eric leaves for Kuwait.

Eric got back into town on Friday afternoon. He drove all day Thursday and all night from Maryland. He never stopped to sleep!! I kept Katie on Friday night so Eric and Whitney could have some time to themselves. Katie and I had fun and we entertained ourselves in various ways. We played with the timer on my camera and Katie fixed my hair for the pictures!!! I kept my hair like this all day Saturday (we were together most of the day) so I wouldn't hurt her feelings. I felt like a frizz head but that's is okay. She thought it looked great. I even wore it to Panera Bread like this!!! I drove Katie and her MiMi down to Ada on Saturday and we did a little shopping before visiting Granny. I picked up 2 shirts with OU insignia, etc on them. I need to inventory my OU gear to see how much I have. I think I may have enough shirts to wear one every day of the week! I may need to go on restriction.

I did get to watch the game on Pay Per View thanks to my in laws. However, there was a 1 1/2 - 2 hour delay due to weather after halftime. I'm glad I got to see them play. It is hard to tell their talent when they play such an awful team. The Sooners whipped up on them!!

You gals made Bryan a little nervous! I so wish you could have seen and heard his reaction to my blog and your comments regarding football!! He said he was going to blog my follow up. But I think he may have backed out! In his defense, he does have quite a lot on his mind this year. And he is trying to be more responsible with his time and finances. Don't think too terribly bad of him. He still loves OU and always will. We did snuggle on the couch last night!!!! So I'm almost to the point of signing a Peace Treaty!!

PLEASE PRAY: I do covet your prayers over the next few days. Whitney (Eric's wife) is scheduled to be induced Wednesday morning. Please pray she will have a safe delivery and she and the baby will be fine. I am feeding Eric's family and my family at my house on Wednesday night. It will be fun, loud, and a little work. Please pray for my patience, loving kindness, and physical strength. I would also ask you pray for my emotions. I saw my friend's baby this past weekend and I will be excited to see Eric and Whitney's when he is born. It is when I have been around several newborns that my emotions waver and I feel like I must keep my emotions under control these next few days. Please pray I will be mindful to be grateful for what I have and not ponder on what I don't have. Please pray I don't cry at the hospital!! I'm also keeping Katie for 2 days. Please pray she goes to bed easily and I can get her to school and pick her up easily. OK.....I'm done....for now! :)


Guyla said...

I love your hair-do! Ha. You are so fun! Sounds like you have a busy week. I'll be praying for you. Let me know when things slow down for you and we'll try to get together! :)

Angela said...

You are so good! You even look cute with your frizzy hair. Isn't it funny...you probably buy hair products that make your hair NOT frizzy :).

I'll be praying for you this week. You have a look going on. Oh, by the way, my Walmart has Pop-Tarts that have the college teams imprinted on the icing. I KNOW I saw an OU Pop-Tart. Hope you can find them there.

Kim said...

Wow! A slumber party with that many girls?!?! I think I would be pulling my hair out :)

Julie-you are the sweetest person I know (well I feel like I know you!) and I know everything will work in God's plan for you. I will be praying for Whitney, her little baby and you.

Laurie said...

HI Julie-
I just prayed for you before I left this comment. Girl- I can't hang with Ranch dressing. I know every person in the world loves it but me. I am weird.

Megan L Hutchings said...

That hair-do is too cute and you are too kind for sporting it all day ;)!

I will definitely be praying for you throughout this week!

The Hickman's said...
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The Hickman's said...

Sorry about that- don't know what happened... Anyway, I wanted you to know that you are in my prayers. I know that God will give you strength and comfort and you will be blessed for being His servent!

Betsy said...

You are so sweet to let Katie do your hair and wear it that way all day!! It looked cute!

I will be praying for you this week. I know it will be a little hard, but I know God will help you through it.

Glad you got some cuddle time in! :)

Faith said...

Julie, you are just the sweetest aunt! I know that they love you and Bryan so much.

Of course I will be praying for you in the days to come. I know the toll it takes on your emotions and I will pray that the Lord will give you the strength and grace you need to make it through each moment.

Love and Hugs, Faith

Jessica said...

You look so cute! The slumber party looks fun too- I know those little girls had fun!

Candy said...

Look at Guyla, being the 1st to comment! I'm so glad she started a blog and now comments on ours. :) :) :)
I will be praying hard for you this week! I got your card today and it was just SO sweet that I wanted to cry!!! You are just so precious and I can't wait to some day meet you! I have told G that I am for sure coming to OK next summer! :)

MiMi said...

I'm glad you had such a fun time with Katie and I think your hair looks cute!
You have a lot going on this week and I will definitely be praying for you. I know that this week may be difficult, but I am confident that God will give you the strength that you need to deal with every situation.

petrii said...

You are the best Aunt ~~ little girls need to fix our hair ~~ oh yes they do!!!!!!!!!

I will be praying for you dear one, for strength and courage in the coming days.

Have a Blessed evening,

Laura said...

Julie, you are just the best aunt in the world!!! I hope your neice -as well as your family- know how special you are!!

And, no, you can NEVER have too many collegiate football t-shirts, sweat shirts, etc.! Roll Tide!!