Wednesday, June 17, 2009

God Moves

The morning of Sunday, June 7, 2009 I experienced such an amazing act of God!!
I've been contemplating this post since then and I'm certain I will not be able to describe it adequately!!
Are you not just so thankful God moves, shows Himself in a mighty way, and gives us the privilege of praying!
The Young family are dear, precious friends of Bryan and I. We worked with Jeron & Kristine a few years while he was college minister. Now he is the Youth Pastor at our church and does a fabulous job. Kristine is a very close friend of mine. She is such a servant and has such a loving, unselfish heart. Both of our families are so busy and we don't see each other as much but we truly cherish every opportunity we have to see each other. Jeron's parents, Mike & Carla, are like another set of parents to us. And at the same time, they are close friends as well. Mike & Carla have prayed for us and for establishing our family for several years now. I know beyond a shadow of doubt when she says she prays, she is. They are such encouragers!! We love them!!
Jeron & Kristine began trying to conceive approximately 9-12 months before Bryan and I. I think it had been about 5 years give or take a little. They have had quite a struggle. They were our partners in infertility. We shared the same thoughts and concerns. Last October, Kristine told me she was expecting!!!!!! Oh, I remember that evening so vividly. I cried ridiculously on the phone for joy for my friends!!! And on June 7, 2009 at 4:01 am...............

Nathan Isaac Young was born!!!

Kristine's birthing/labor experience was long. She went into the hospital on Friday night. I could not get my friend off my mind. I am so sorry for the long weekend the Youngs had but I'm so grateful for it. God used this weekend to rekindle my heart for Him. I was more in awe of God and His powers. I just cannot describe what it is like to see God perform such a great act...going from being told you have unexplainable infertility to actually giving birth!! I was humbled He gave me the privilege of praying for them. I was ecstatic I could walk along side my friends in prayer. The greatest blessing I think at times I can experience through my friends is having a glimpse of their pregnancy journey and then being a part of their children's lives.

God kept bringing Kristine, little Nathan, and the Youngs to my mind throughout Saturday and into Sunday. It was consuming!!! I woke up early Saturday morning around 3:30 am and just got up. I couldn't sleep. I prayed in the living room and read in Psalms. I had a lot to do on Saturday but I remember praying in the car and before I went to bed. It was such a strange feeling. I remember feeling like my mind was in a state of prayer all day. Then at 1:00 am Sunday morning I got a text message from Mimi and she said Nathan's head was sideways. I sat up in bed and prayed some more for my friends and asking God to protect Nathan. I could not go back to sleep so I got up around 2:30/3:00 and set up a camp out on my couch. I got on my knees, face down and prayed so hard for them, asking God to move this delivery along. Mimi had told me the Dr was going to let Kristine push again. I was hungry and started to make some guacamole (yes at 3:15 in the morning. I was hungry!!!). Then, I got the TEXT!!!!!!!! I was praising God in my kitchen with guacamole at 4:30 in the morning. Can it get any better than that!!!! It was such a great way to begin Sunday morning worship!!!!!

The Youngs...All 6 of them!!! Hayden, Mike, Kristine, Nathan, Jeron, & Carla!!!

I rushed to the hospital last Monday evening to see Nathan. I told his parents it was for my own selfish reasons. I could not get them out of my mind. I had to see them soon so I could move my mind onto other things!!! I was blessed to also see Mimi and Poppy too!!

Doesn't he have the most adorable face!!!! Oh, I love him!!!

This next picture is by far one of my favorites. These grandparents have waited many years for this grand baby and you can see absolute bliss and joy unspeakable on their faces....

God Moves!!!!!
Kristine and I had talked in the past how nice it would be to have children at the same time. I refuse to let the fact I do not have a child bring me down. I will not let it quench the joy and awe I have of God...will not let it. Many of us have shed buckets of tears but it is truly out of joy and admiration of God. God has made Himself so evident the past few weeks!! God's timing is not my timing. I have accepted the journey He has placed us on, however rocky the road may seem at times. He has chosen us to walk this path. Last week, I was able to share a smiggin of my experience and what I learned to another young lady who may have some difficulty conceiving. I'm grateful God gave me the opportunity to minister and encourage. Do I always walk the journey correctly? No! I trip many many times and often find myself walking backwards. God just has to turn me around and get me started again!!!
I've listened to these three songs throughout the past few weeks. They minister in a BIG way!!
We sang the Revelation Song the Sunday Nathan was born. I feel sorry for the people in front of me. I'm sure the sound they heard was scary!!!
Kristine and Carla encourage me with HOPE and I love Hope Now by Addison Road. Everything for Bryan and I rides on HOPE and FATIH.
Then this Sunday evening at church, the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children Choir sang "Orphans of God". I hope you take a 4 minutes to watch this video until the end:
I'm telling ya, God has used His written Word and music to soothe my heart and rejuvenate my spirit!!!


Mandi said...

Love these songs, Love what God is doing in your heart, and I LOVE you, my friend!

I totally get what you said about walking a journey with a rocky path and stumbling from time to time...hey, it's a rocky road so stumbling is completely understandable! :)

You reminded me of a verse I read during our journey and I want to share it with's a good one. :)

Isaiah 42:16
I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and MAKE THE ROUGH PLACES SMOOTH (can I get an AMEN!). These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.

He WILL make the rough places smooth, girl! Just keep trusting and following Him.

Kelly said...

You are one of the most amazing, loving, selfless women I have ever met. I wish every person had the kind of heart and faith you do - this world would be a better place.
I am praying ALWAYS for God's blessings on you and Bryan and I will rejoice when that day - whatever it is and however it looks - comes!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Thank you so much for sharing this!!!! I love your spirit Julie! Wish we could have a cup of coffee together or something and chat, haha!! :)

His Doorkeeper said...

Julie, You have the very heart of God! Your friends are blessed to have you approaching the Throne of God on their behalf!

Brooklyn said...

i love love this post. i'm so happy for the youngs (all of them!) and little nathan. stay in touch, stranger!

Laura said...

What a wonderful post, Julie! Still praying.

Lacy said...

Congratulations on the miracle baby for your dear friends. I know while you rejoice with them it is also hard for you. I am praying for you and your husband, that God will bless you with your own little miracle in his perfect timing. ((HUGS))

petrii said...

I have goose bumps. This is so beautifully written dear one.

The way that you minister to so many is inspirational.

These are beautiful pictures.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Thursday,

Jamie said...

Hi Julie,

I know I don't know you personally but I just wanted to let you know that was an awesome post and will keep you in my prayers.


Megan L Hutchings said...

What a beautiful post! You have such a selfless, loving spirit about you Julie. How I pray that you and Bryan are able to have all of your dreams come true :)!

Betsy said...

I just got caught up on all my blogging friends and read this post. You are such a sweet, sweet girl. I'm telling you...God is using you in such a mighty way already. I just want you to know that I am praying for you!! I have no doubt that God has wonderful plans in store for you and I am so anxious to see what they are going to be. Lots of love and hugs to you!!

PandaMom said...

Hi, just wanted to say that we, too, struggled with infertility issues....for over eight years. Lots of pain and tears. I can't say that I was always happy for my pregnant friends. I got really bitter about it after awhile. Then when we adopted our daughter from China it all made sense as to God's timing and choice for our family. We are in the middle of adopting through our state's foster system right now. I like "meeting" others who understand the journey. I'll pray for your family to come together.

valerie said...

I'm missing you Julie!

Heather said...

I am just now reading this post and I love it so much! The picture of you and that sweet baby makes my heart swell.....I just KNOW you are going to be holding your own child someday, Julie. You may not go through traditional "labor"--but you have labored in prayer and God is going to give you a child....I am believing God for it!
I am thankful to get to experience God through your posts like this! He is so good!

Melanie said...

God bless your friends with their new baby! My son and daughter-in-law are struggling to conceive. Please pray for them too!

Holly said...

What a cute baby! :D

Leigh Ann said...

What a wonderful friend you are, Julie! The best friends are those that pray for each other! I love that Addison Road song. I always feel better after I hear it. Everything for me rides on hope and faith, too!