Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Granny's & Little Sweethearts

We ended our 3 day weekend (5/30 - 6/1) with a trip to Granny's. And Whitney and the children joined us on their way back home from Texas. It was fun sitting back and enjoying the family that I love so much. I loved watching Granny with Jesse.

Granny with Katie and Jesse -- June 1, 2009

I cannot relate to the feelings some of you have as mothers; watching your little babies grow up before your very eyes and how fast so many things happen. I can only understand just a smiggin as a relative of some very adorable children. Jesse is crawling now!! I realized watching him at Granny's that now a part of his "babyhood" is past and will be no more!! I nearly cried! Oh, how do you mother's do it!!!

Watch this small video clip (If you're on FB you may have already watched it). His antics are priceless! Warms my heart I tell you!! The voice in the background is his momma, Whitney!

This next picture reminds of his daddy when Eric gets annoyed after extensive photo taking!! :-)

This coffee table has made it through 1 generation of grandchildren and now many great-grandchildren. Jesse was trying to crawl through it to the other side!!

I am blessed!!!


Mandi said...

They say growing up is hard to do but I think it's just as hard for mommas to watch!
His beginner's crawl is SO cute!!!

Heather said...

How in the world is Jesse so big already!??! Oh time, please slow down! I remember seeing the picture of you holding him when he was born like YESTERDAY!

Kimberly said...

I loved the pictures of my favorite lady in the whole wide world. It was funny seeing her coffee table, last time i had the children over, they were climbing up and over and on it. Granny said to them, do you see those teeth-marks, those are your mothers. She is so funny.

Brooklyn said...

i can't believe he is crawling. i haven't seen him in a while and he has really changed/grown! i enjoyed finally getting to meet you granny at the grad. party.

Lauren Kelly said...

How SWEET!!!! :O)