Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Alyssa's Graduation in Texas

We had a great trip to Texas this past weekend!!
We went down to honor and celebrate my cousin Alyssa's high school graduation. She will be moving to Arkansas and attending Arkansas State University. She is the only girl out of 8 children. Alyssa has such a sweet spirit. She is so caring and respectful. Bryan said whoever marries her will be getting quite a catch!! We are so excited for her future and cannot wait to see the young lady she develops into.

I thought the graduation was one of the best high school graduations I had ever attended. It was all about the students and there wasn't a guest speaker. It was in Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, TX and I think there were over 110 graduates. I especially enjoyed the ceremony because I got to take care of this little fellow....
He is so precious! My cousins, Whitney and Eric (although he is still in Kuwait) are so good to let me have a very active role in his life. We love he and his sister deeply. Just like I would with my nieces and nephews, I pretend they are mine! I am blessed!! I look kind of funny in some of these pictures because I held Jesse until it was time to put him in his car seat!! Thanks Whitney for sharing him!!

2 of the Sweetest Ladies I know:

Whitney and Alyssa

Bryan and I were blessed to have a great time with family and with each other. I have more to posts but I thought I would split it up into more posts with a shorter narratives!


Betsy said...

Family times are the best. I am getting ready for Laura and Lindy's graduations. They are such a happy and sad time rolled all into one. I am excited for them, but sad to let them go!

petrii said...

Boy he is getting so big!!! You all look so cute!!

I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Have a Blessed evening,

valerie said...

I'm glad you and Bryan were able to go to the graduation.
I went to Texas this past weekend too. I ate lunch in Frisco Friday afternoon. My sister lives near there.
Was the graduation at Chuck Swindoll's church?
His is in that area somewhere.

The Hickmans said...

We're so glad to have your family come to Arkansas!!

MiMi said...

Congratulations, Alyssa! So glad that you and Bryan were able to share such a special day with her and your family!

Leigh Ann said...

Sweet pictures. I see a resemblance between you and Alyssa!