Monday, June 8, 2009

Texas Weekend

I am behind on blogging, yet again!!

I need to recap our Texas Weekend before I forget it. I love having a journal where I can add pictures and then look back later and remember events, thoughts, and happenings. It doesn't matter if I'm the only one who reads it or if just a few read it. I enjoy looking back over the past months of mine and Bryan's lives!

On our way to Alyssa's graduation, we turned way to early to get into Frisco and what should have just been another 25 minute drive turned into at least 45 minutes!! Bryan and I both were maxed out mentally by the time we got to the graduation. Luckily, we just barely made it in time!! We had contemplated stopping before leaving OK and buying a GPS (we had been wanting one for a while) but decided against it because we wanted to get out of town and make progress on the road. After our experience on Friday night and seeing one certain lake at least 3 different times, we went right out Saturday morning and bought:

It is our best friend!!! We both recommend it. At times, it is a huge argument/heated discussion preventor. Every couple should have one!! :-)

My cousin James lives in Lewisville, TX and he hosted us at his apartment on Friday night. He is such a sweet, unselfish man. We are so comfortable around him. All 3 of us slept in Saturday morning and then James made us a huge breakfast. What's a mini-vacation without a ton of food!!?? Soooo, for lunch we ate at one of James favorite place:

You create your own bowl. Do not ask what is in mine (mine is on the left)!! I put a little bit of everything including 3 different sauces and 2 spices. I do know my meat was chicken and shrimp. Surprisingly, I thought my bowl was great!! We were stuffed!!!

The guys were so cooperative and let me stop in at:

Sam Moon Purse and Jewelry and then Sam Moon Home Decor store!! They were so patient. They did have the GPS to play with and then found a place that selled smoothies. Would you believe, I shopped in both stores for a combined total of 1 hr 15 minutes!! I was speedy!!!! I'm thrilled with my purchases from the home store:

I loved this little flag! I think I must have had an "H" theme going while I shopped!

And I finally found one of these:

I had looked at several before shopping on this day but none of them moved me. I liked the shape of this one. Now I just need to think of what to put in it. I was thinking of pears or grapes or maybe some artificial flowers. Any suggestions??

We made a side stop at a Toyota dealer in Lewisville. Bryan has been shopping, and I mean really shopping with extensive research for a new vehicle for us. Consumer Reports ranked the Rav 4 as the top car of the season so he is highly attracted to it. It wasn't even the car he originally set out to look at.

The salesman who talked with us went to high school with former OU wide receiver Mark Clayton and is still in contact with him.

Mark is now playing for Baltimore Ravens and doing pretty good!

It was fun going back and forth with the salesman and he even gave me the Texas Longhorn sign which I in turn did back to him only in reverse as a good Sooner fan would do. He was a great guy and a good sport!!! Of course, I told Bryan since he knows Mark Clayton we should buy a car from him!!!!!! Bryan being the ever so wise guy that he is tells me we will buy from whomever gives us the best deal, regardless of who they went to high school with!! :-)

We ended Saturday night (May 30th) with Katie's 9th Birthday celebration at my uncle and aunt's house in Celina, Texas. Katie turned 9!!!

She is wearing the outfit Bryan and I got her and I just realized it stills has the size tag on it!!

This picture was taken at James's apartment. Katie had just got back from a cruise with her dad and she was trying to show off her bracelet. I love these 3 very much.

Have a great week!!!


Mandi said...

I love your new finds! The apothecary jar is a nice size.

Sherry said...

Nice recap of your trip. I, too, like the things you bought.

We are in need of a GPS as well. What brand & type of features did you buy?

Thanks for sharing. (I'm an Okie, too. I found you through Valerie's blog.)

Lauren Kelly said...

How fun!!! I love Texas! My Dad lives there! Looks like you had a wonderful time, girl :)

petrii said...

Oh how I heart mini-vacations!!! You and Brian sound a lot like Dick and I, we love to go do things like that. Stay at a REALLY nice hotel one night if we can afford it!! So fun!!!!!

I loved the chairs hanging from the ceiling. And the apothecary jar is really nice.

So did you buy the vehicle or still looking?!?!

Have a Blessed evening,

valerie said...

I think Kristen and I took that same wrong turn to go to Frisco one time. We went through all kinds of cute little town and saw a lake. I knew it wasn't right and had no idea when we'd ever get to Frisco, but we eventually did. :)

I love it there. There is SO much to do. My sister lives about 10 minutes from there so when we visit her we always go to Sam Moon. You should go to a cafe called Celebrity Cafe sometime for lunch when you're there. It has THE best Cobb salad.

Once we went over to Chuck Swindoll's church and it was so good. He stays at the front after her preaches. I didn't carry a camera or have a blog back then or I would have a picture of me shaking his hand, for sure. I love him.

Glad y'all had such a great time.