Wednesday, June 25, 2008

American History

We are preparing for our trip to DC!!! To do that we've watched this every day last week. John Adams DVD is a mini series made from HBO based on the book written by David McCullough. It chronicles the life of none other than John Adams!! :) Who would have guessed that!!!! :) I highly recommend it. It is very moving. At times I was moved to tears and at other times I was highly frustrated with John Adams. It does force you to reflect on the sacrifices of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and many many more. It depicts the debates surrounding the fight for independence. We started it a week ago Monday and finished up with it last Friday. It is amazing the change/movement of our country from the 1700s to today.

Then on Sunday after church Bryan watched in its entirety:

It is a 4 1/2 hour long movie!!!! I fell asleep! Please do not think me unpatriotic but I didn't sleep well on Saturday night!!! I am trying to watch a little bit each night this week!! I think I'll get it done. We have plans to visit Gettysburg while we are in DC. If our plans work out we will be there on the 145th anniversary of the battle!! I cannot imagine what it will be like to be in the spot where thousands upon thousands of soldiers were killed. Where family fought family, where friends fought friends.
Last night Bryan and I attended our first Town Hall meeting at the public library. Our State Senator and State Representative were there. They each gave speeches updating us with the work they had done at the capital and then there was a question and answer session. Although we were the youngest ones there (not joking), it was still a great experience and I would do it again. The Q&A was very interesting and educational for both Bryan and I. We discussed issues at Sonic while we bought our 1/2 price burgers, discussed all the way home, and even while we ate. Bryan was very passionate about certain topics; so passionate that I beat him eating!!! He usually scarfs down his food!!! I'm so proud Bryan is my husband. He is so intelligent, such a deep thinker, and so wise. He doesn't just fly off the cuff with his thoughts or ideas. He truly thinks them out.


Heather said...

I am so excited for your trip to D.C. You will have so much fun! I am a huge history buff, and I've loved learning about the Civil War since I was a kid. It is so interesting. And, I'm so proud of you for going to a town hall meeting. I'm also a huge political nut, and we always go to those kinds of things. I totally know what you mean about being the youngest people there. More people our age should get involved in politics. It does make a difference. OK, enough of my soapbox!

Kim said...

How exciting that you are going to DC! I am not sure it is a trip that our boys would enjoy, but maybe my husband and I can go one day. We are taking our family vacation in September. Disney World!! I can't wait!!

Brooklyn said...

that town hall meeting sounds like fun. no joke! how did you even know it was happening (where to go, what time, etc?) of course you know i like that stuff.

bryan is a really good thinker. i wish i would think through my thoughts before i started spouting them off! i'll miss ya while you are in dc.

Jessica said...

I love that you are watching movies to get ready for your trip. What a fun idea!

Kristen said...

I bet you're so excited for you DC trip...not too much longer!
We got our Wii at the Wal-Mart in Lindsey :) They still had about 7 left yesterday!

Megan said...

I went to DC last November and I loved it! I can't wait to go back sometime. I went crazy buying books about presidents, American history and all sorts of stuff! It was so much fun!
It is so cute that you guys are watching movies to prepare for your trip. And I don't blame you for falling asleep during a 4 1/2 hour movie. You need to break it up!

Laura said...

How fun to go to D.C.!! My man and I have talked about it, but we also thought you would need a month just to take in all the history(I'm a history buff). Anyway...about the John Adams movie, I wanted to watch it, but forgot about it coming on HBO. Is it really worth renting?

Kelly said...

I've proud of ya'll both for being so political and patriotic. I can't wait to hear about your trip to DC!

Nancy said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip to DC. Everyone who goes there has a wonderful time.

Let us know how it goes and bring back lots of pictures!


Betsy said...

I read the book John Adams and loved it. I think God appointed certain men to be in certain places at certain times in order to accomplish important purposes. He seems like one of those men to me.

We are going to Washington D.C. next week, too! I am really looking forward to it. It should be really fun being there on July 4th!

karamy3sons said...

I am so excited that you are going to DC. You gotta try to go to the Air and Space Museum. It is so coo! I will be praying for your safety during your trip. Please take lot's of pictures to show us bloggers. Have a blessed weekend.

In Christ, Kara John 3:30

PS. I love your new red purse and you gotta love Sonic!!

Lindsey said...

You are going to have such fun on your trip. Take LOTS OF PICS!!!! Glad you liked the John Adams series. We have actually thought about watching it.....probably soon:)