Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Today my sister and her kidos and friend brought lunch to my office today!!! Left to Right: nephew Will, niece Rachel, Julie (myself..hee heee), niece Kayla, Kayla's friend Ashley. I couldn't leave (because I was the only one here) so they brought me a salad and sat down and ate with me. That just warmed my heart!! I've been blessed to have friends and family come by to help pass the day when no one else is here.

Yes, I am dressed VERY casual. I've given myself a few casual days this week!! Back to business casual tomorrow!! :(


Kelly said...

So fun to have visitors at lunch! And that's great that you can dress so casual! I think in the summer - we should all be able to dress casual!!!

Faith said...

That was so sweet of them! One of my bff's came to my work today and brought me a bean was so nice to see her in the middle of a day at work. Glad you had family and friends to make your day too!

Heather said...

How fun! I work in a small office, too, so I know all about casual days when everyone's gone!! Oh, and I love that shirt. It's a great color on you!