Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Glenn Beck

Last night Bryan and I went to hear Glenn Beck's Summer '08 Political Tour. He is a national radio talk show host and has a show on CNN Headline News Channel. He has serious discussions and topics and will add some humor to some of it.

Glen Beck walked out on stage in a hunter's orange vest with his NRA hat and t shirt on carrying a toy gun!! I think he might have stereotyped some of us Okies (based on his attire and he faked a 'hick' accent) but you can bet we were all hoopin' and hollerin'; proud to be those hunters and gun owners. I told Bryan I had to find him an NRA shirt to wear!!!! I've been shopping online today and they even make them for women!!!! Pink!!!!

The second half of his "concert" was his unelectable speech. I loved his props!!I do not agree with every single thing he may say and to be honest sometimes he talks over my head. But we do appreciate his stand on some issues and he does put a funny twist to things. His radio show does make the listener stop and think.

It was a great evening of laughter and time well spent with Bryan. I loved watching and listening to him laugh!

p.s. I took these pictures with my digital camera without a LCD screen. I had no idea how these pictures were going to turn out. WHAT IN THE WORLD DID WE DO BEFORE DIGITAL?!


Brooklyn said...

i'm so jealous! i wish i could have gone. i bet is was great. i'm glad you guys had fun.

Heather said...

I think your pictures turned out great. I'm glad you had fun. I was a political science major in college. I love to follow and talk about politics. How fun!

Jared said...

Sounds like you guys had a good evening!

I had a blast hanging out with all the Oklahoma family last week. Thanks for helping make Whitney and Katie feel comfortable in our family. Yes, we should probably talk soon!

Good luck with the camera hunt...I am so bad about taking pictures that my camera is still here at the office from a few months ago...I guess I should start taking more pictures. I love seeing your life with illustrations!

Hope you have a great evening! Talk with you soon! --Jared

Lindsey said...

Glad you had a good time! I'm with you....I don't always agree with him but he is entertaining!

Brooklyn said...

i'm so sorry about the cheese! i will bring it tomorrow to the office or you can come by after church if you want to grab it then.