Sunday, December 21, 2008

Festival of Lights and Festival of Fun

My bosses are my great friend Brooklyn's in laws. Our office consists of 4 individuals including myself and at times not all 4 of us are in the office at the same time. I think we are becoming a little family though! Thursday Ava and Stella (Brooklyn's girls which would be my boss's grandchildren! just in case you couldn't figure that one out) had their program at the children's day out center. Brooklyn is so good to include me in the things her girls do. I love her girls and they warm my heart. I see them when they stop by the office and at church. Brooklyn does such a great job with them. I'm so grateful she lets me be a little involved and when I'm down with not having children of our own, I love those sweet children a little more and I'm grateful a little more for our friendship.

Ava and Stella were stars in the program!!! They were just adorable! Stella even sung a solo of Jesus Loves Me!!Ava did the Welcome and had another small speaking part!
I was afraid both of them would get cold feet. But they didn't. They sang their songs and said their parts so clearly and loudly!

Ava and I nearly had on matching sweaters!! If I only had a pink tutu skirt!!!

I loved this picture taken at CDO. This is my boss Judy and Ava. Does she just have the look of love for her sweet grand baby!!

It was the day and night with the Gortons!! Thursday night we piled into 2 cars with Brooklyn and Jorge and the children along with Brooklyn's friend, Courtney and headed to Chickasha to eat at Jakes Ribs and view the Chickasha Festival of Light.

Ava was so excited to get the huge plate full of curly french fries! She sat next to Bryan or as she calls him, Mr. Haskins, and she just thrilled his heart. She did so well at dinner. At one point I looked over at her and she had a huge handful of french fries in her hand and working it up to her mouth but I didn't click the camera fast enough.

My battery died at the festival of lights and Brooklyn is going to send me some of her pictures but I love this picture we were able to get.
I am so blessed to have the relationship with Brooklyn and her family. I have to admit throughout the night I was inwardly wishing these were my children I was leading through the park. Bryan and I loved hearing the joy in their voices and the excitement they had. Children say the cutest things sometimes. They are not mine but because my friend is so kind to me, she allows me to borrow and practice on hers!! Thank you Brooklyn and Jorge. My heart is truly full today!!

Brooklyn sent me some of her pictures of the night:Bryan is really working on keeping his eyes open!!!
The Ladies and Boston!

The festival has this really tall red Christmas tree you walk under and look up into it. Everyone likes to look up into the tree and spin! Last year I had a terrible fall so it was the joke of the night this year. I was very careful. It seemed everyone stayed close by me to make sure I did not have an accident! :)It looks like I'm giving Ava a big bear hug, but she had asked me to spin her around. So of course, I had to oblige. Bryan was nearby though!!
I hope you are all having a great weekend!!


Laura said...

Ha! I like the comment about Bryan's eyes being open. I thought the same thing before I read that!

Oh, Julie! Hang in there! I am praying that it's God's plan for you to have a sweet family one day!

BTW, I dreamed Friday night that OU won the BCS Championship! How funny is that? Wayne didn't think so.

Kelly said...

Julie - you and Bryan are going to make SUCH wonderful parents one day -and I pray that day comes soon! Your children will be so blessed by you!

Heather said...

Julie- These are great pics and you are going to be the most wonderful mother! I am praying so hard that it is SOON. Merry Christmas!

valerie said...

I agree with some of the others. I believe you will have a child/children of your very own one day. You & Bryan will make wonderful parents. You are in my thoughts and prayers often.

Brooklyn's kids are so adorable. I looked at the videos on her blog. Too cure!

Looks like y'all had a great time in Chickasha too.
I went there several years ago. Very pretty lights!

Have a good week Julie!

Kim said...

I LOVE Jake's Rib!! We were just talking how we needed to take the boys up to the Festival of Lights!

petrii said...

How cute are you and Bryan? I love the pic of you twirling that little cutie around.

Have a Blessed week,

Candy said...

This is such a SWEET post! It looks like ya'll had SO much fun together! You and Bryan are going to make the BEST parents! I'm still praying for you and Bryan to receive God's guidance and direction in the adoption process. Hope ya'll have a Merry Christmas! You deserve the best! :)

Megan L Hutchings said...

You two are so precious and you are going to make the BEST parents ;)!