Monday, December 8, 2008

Squeezin' in Stuff

I need to do some catchin' up with our weekend.

How can you not have a great weekend when it starts with this:My husband got up and cooked us some breakfast burritos!! He is a great cook and it was nice to be treated to some homemade breakfast!! Thank you Bryan!!

Saturday morning I was able to serve a sweet sister in Christ. It was a challenge emotionally, yet I was glad to serve. I went with several ladies to pray with Kerri Hardin at her home. Kerri is a member of my church. She is in the middle pictured with Stacy and Rachel at Bunco in September.Kerri is married and has 3 beautiful young girls a high schooler, middle school age, and a 3rd grader. Earlier in the year she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. She underwent surgeries and treatment and a scan revealed no signs of cancer. However over the past few weeks, doctors have discovered the cancer is back and is very aggressive. Earlier last week she underwent surgery to install some type of port to help drain fluid but the tumors were too large to complete the surgery. Please pray hard for this family. She has a strong family and a wonderful husband. It just hurts my heart to think of the trials and the feelings and the emotions they must all have. Kerri is a great woman of faith. She is comfortable for herself no matter what the outcome but she is concerned for her young girls. Please pray hard!!!

We had our Sunday School party on Saturday evening. It was a small progressive type dinner; we only had two places to go. Appetizers and the gift exchange was at Brooklyn's. I got a gift card to Starbucks!! Yippee!! I used it this morning!! :)

The Guys: Jorge, Todd, Bryan, Joe Don, and Robert

The Ladies: Me, Jennifer, Heather, Amy, and Brooklyn

And then we went to Todd & Amy Chapmans for the main meal, yummy lasagna, salad, and dessert! We also watched THE GAME (see previous post :) )while we were there.

For our class Christmas project this year, our Sunday School class prepared and sent gift bags to each soldier in Eric's platoon. We made 35 gift bags that had: granola bars, crackers, nuts, trail mix, cookies, gum, toothbrush, toothpaste, and playing cards. Then, Jennifer's home room at school each made cards for the soldiers.
Heather, Jennifer, and I stuffed these bags during the 1st quarter of the game and during commercials!! It went pretty fast. We just created an assembly line and got to it!! I am very grateful for the commitment and generosity of our Sunday School class. It is a great way to minister to Eric and his soldiers.

On Sunday after church, Bryan and I had a handsome lunch date; Eric's son, Jesse!!!

He is growing and changing! I cannot wait to see how his personality develops!

Every New Years Eve, my cousin James, Bryan, and I have established a tradition where we watch 24.

We watch it straight through; no going to sleep until we are done. I think we've done this 2-3 times. Last year nearly did us in (we are getting too old to stay up 24 hours) so we think we are doing something different this year; something that won't require us to stay up for 20+ hours at one time. This is what we are doing and it came in the mail today and funny thing is we had it shipped to my office and I took this picture at The Office:

Have a blessed day!!


petrii said...

I'm so sorry about how sick your friend Kerri is. I will pray. Please keep us updated.

What a great idea with the gift bags. And that Jesse ~~ so cute!!

Have fun watching The Office.
Have a Blessed day,

Melissa said...

For some reason this did not show up in my bloglines :( Thanks for the recap. How sad for your friend kerri. We will definitely pray for her. Good idea on the gift bags! I bet they will love them. Oh we LOVE the Office. It's such a funny show!! That sounds like a lot of fun!!

Laura said...

Oh! I could just reach thru my computer and pinch Jesse's sweet cheeks. Not hard, of course. He's adorable!!

kate said...

hi Julie! so fun to blogger meet someone just beyond Indian Hills Rd! Where do you all live in Moore?

When I found Christian Love Stories (a friday in Nov) - I spent the entire day at work crying...I'd do a project/task and then start reading. I met one of my friends for dinner and walked in blood-shot eyes, red puffy eyes - I was exhausted. When the daughters write in about their Mom - I just can't go there.

As I was worrying about finding my paper to match my current christmas paper - and then read your blog on Kerri - I just shook my head with how little things matter. Prayers tonight for Kerri.

hugs! k

valerie said...

I will be praying for Kerri and her family. It's so hard to see loved ones and friends go through illness.
Please keep us informed.

How sweet of Bryan to fix breakfast. My husband is a great breakfast cook as well.

Looks like y'all had a fun time with your friends.

The little baby is a doll! I love his chubby cheeks.

Kim said...

Last New Year's Eve I was asleep by 11 pm! I did not even see midnight! I love the gift bags! What a wonderful idea to send them overseas!! I will be praying for your friend and her family.

Jenna said...

Loved catching up with you, my friend!

I am so sorry about your friend, I will definitely be praying. The bags are so sweet and that baby boy is SO PRECIOUS. Those cheeks - be still my heart. Hope you have a great Thursday!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I think that Eric and his platoon will LOVE those bags ;). That was very thoughtful.

My heart breaks for your friend Kerri. I hope that things will turn around soon ;).

MiMi said...

So sorry to hear about your friend, Kerri. I will definitely pray for her and her family at this difficult time.

I am a huge "24" fan, also, but I don't think I could stay up for 24 hours straight! I love "The Office", too, and that sounds like so much fun!

That Jesse is precious and he is getting so big!