Friday, January 16, 2009

Book Club

Every other month ladies in our church meet in a home to discuss a chosen book we read and of course eat! Our Book Club is called "The Sister Circle Book Club." I love Book Club and I look forward to it each time. One of my favorite things is the fact there is a range of ages in our group. I love visiting with the more "mature" ladies. And I love seeing other women's homes.

The first lady pictured on the left is Thelma and she is 90!!!

Joan and Jinx

Teresa and Dorothy

I love these two. They are so nice to me and I'm glad they let me be their friend!! They make me laugh!!

Carol Proctor

I'm excited too because in March we are reading the book I picked "In Search of Eden." It is about adoption from the birth mother's perspective. I can't wait to see how the discussion goes.

I was blessed last night to ride with my dear friend, Brooklyn. For some reason, I guess schedules, holidays, etc, we haven't gotten to see each other as much. You can't visit a whole lot at church. So it was a treat to be with her last night.


Brooklyn said...

hey girlie! i had fun last night, too. i'm go to re-read your book for march's book club. i'll see you at the y for some walkin later!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I am with you on the book club ;)! It is so much fun and so enriching.I am so glad that you got to spend time with Brooklyn!!!

petrii said...

I would love that!! I LOVE to read. It is so much fun and I learn all kinds of things.

I will have to put this on my future "to read" book list.

Praying for you dear one,