Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The First Few Days of the Year





This:Truly freshly squeezed orange juice.

My boss has a client who brings back oranges from south Texas and they make the best fresh orange juice. Nothing tastes as good! John gave me several last week and I used my juice thingy they gave me for Christmas last year to make this delicious juice. I've been feeling a little yucky lately and I've really enjoyed the fresh Vitamin C!!

I spent all day Friday in bed with a severe migraine. Thankfully my mom had some medicine I took Friday evening that brought some relief. I would appreciate it if you prayed for me. I used to get these headaches every month a few years ago. I stopped getting them but now they have come back each month for the past four months. I usually have to go to bed in the dark with no sounds and no smells around. I don't like the set back they bring. I tried to do as little as possible the rest of the weekend because I was so afraid the headache would come back.

On Saturday, I watched Jesse for a few hours while Whitney cleaned her house. I had the best time. I have bought this play mat that I keep at my house and hope to use it some day with our own children. I really think Jesse loves it. Bryan and I love to play with him and hold him but we also like to lay him on the mat and watch him play. We are always afraid we may hold him to much!! :) We may not know any better because we do not have children of our own but we think maybe playing on the mat will help Jesse develop his muscles and maybe roll over and pull up!!

He also had a case of the hiccups and Bryan tried to get him to stop by making hiccup noises himself and jerking his body. It really made Jesse start laughing. It was too cute. I included this video. You'll have to listen closely for his laugh because all the adults are laughing too. I love watching the smile on Bryan's face.

p.s. Sorry for the blurry zooming in and out. I'm just an amateur.

Have a great day and I'll try to catch up on your blog posts today and tomorrow!!


Megan L Hutchings said...

Jesse is so cute and he is so blessed to have people like you & Bryan in his life ;)!

I hope those headaches stay away friend!!!

petrii said...

Oh my stars ~~ that is sooooooo cute!!!!!

I will most definitely put you on my prayer list about these migraines. I pray for you and Brian and direction for you in this year, but I will pray that these migraines will stop as well. Please let me know if there is anything further you need prayer over, you can just e-mail me if ya want.

Have a Blessed evening,

Megan said...

I'm so sorry you had a migraine! They are horrible!
Cute video!

Faith said...

He is so precious!!! I am so sorry about your migraine...I have been getting them more frequently too and they are not fun. Hope this week is great. Praying for you Julie!

Kelly said...

I'm sorry you had a migraine. I hope it's the last one for a long while.
Ya'll are just so cute!

Heather said...

GIRL....I so feel your pain with the monthly migraines. Please e-mail me if you want to chat about treatments, ec. because I have seen tons of dr's and tried every single medicine out there. I will be praying for your head as well as your family!

Leigh Ann said...

He is just SO cute! You are so wise about the tummy time on the mat. It is so important! We held Ella Grace way too much, and she was delayed in walking. I just couldn't help myself. I wanted to hold her all the time! :)

Sorry about the headache. :( Hope you are feeling better already.

Laura said...

I hate migraines!! I have them too! No fun AT ALL!! Jesse is still as cute as ever and just growing, growing, GROWING!!

Betsy said...

Awww....that is so precious!!! I'm sorry about your migraines!! I can't imagine. I hate having just a regular headache, much less a migraine. I will pray for them to stay away!

Guyla said...

You gotta love those sweet baby giggles! :)

MiMi said...

There is nothing like fresh-squeezed orange juice! I haven't had any in a long time, but that picture is seriously making me want some!

So sorry to hear that you are suffering with migraines. I had them very bad as a young adult and I was the same way when I had one --I wanted total darkness with no movement, no noise or smells. They definitely are a setback and I will be praying that they will subside. So glad that the medicine your mother gave you helped you to feel better.