Thursday, January 8, 2009

GAME ON !!!!!

Tonight is a HUGE game for our Oklahoma Sooners!!
At the beginning of the season we didn't care how OU did, we just wanted them to win a bowl game. It is long over due. I wasn't necessarily asking for the national championship!

I have some gear on for work today.Bryan's mom gave me this bracelet for Christmas. It's a different OU bracelet than I normally wear so I hope I didn't just throw a curse on the game!

We were going to watch the game with Brooklyn and Jorge and then began to worry we might wake up their kiddos if it is necessary to yell at the TV set. We had decided to watch the game by ourselves and then received an invitation to watch it with our great friends Jeron and Kristine at his parent's house whom we also love. We are excited because we haven't seen the Youngs much recently. It should be fun!! I'm excited; which means the work day will probably drag on.

Until tonight I leave you with these wonderful videos I found on YouTube:

Boomer!!! Sooner!!!

Go OU!!!


Brooklyn said...

as i said on valerie's post....WAHOOO!!! i'm so excited for tonight! i'm sorry it didn't work out for us tonight but maybe next year! ;-) here's to hoping tomorrow's post is a happy one!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I hope you have fun, but you know I am pulling for the S - E - C!!!!!!

petrii said...

Okay girl, so you know I love ya, OU really? Just playin' I hope you have fun tonight but I am so rooting the other direction ~~ but I still love ya =)

Have a fun and Blessed evening,

Mandi said...

GO GATORS!!! May the BEST team win!

Laura said...

Okay....don't tell anybody!!! I can't believe I'm crossing "party lines," but I'm cheering for you guys tonight!!! I hope you win! I can't belive this BAMA girl just said that!! Roll Tide!!

Heather said...

I am watching the game right now and couldn't stop thinking about you, so I decided to check your blog!
BOO on the Sooners, though! :)
Even knowing how I feel about them, I must say I do like your cute shirt and bracelet!

Jen said...

BOOMER SOONER!!! GO BIG 12!!!!!! I'm sitting on the edge of my recliner, biting my nails over here. We are big Sooner fans! I've read your blog many times helps me get my Oklahoma fix! I'm just now delurking, I have to on this post of course. :) I LOVE that shirt Julie! I 'need' one!