Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yesterday was a long afternoon for us but not as long as it was I'm sure for the Hardin family and those close close friends to Karri. You see, we knew Tim and Karri but not nearly as much as so many more people in our church. Thank you for your sweet words on my previous posts but please know there are others so much more closer to her that are missing her. She had a breakfast club and a bunco club that miss her so much. The service was beautiful and very moving. It was also convicting to me in ways I have only shared with God and Bryan. The service made me evaluate my life, my outlook, my attitude, and my service to others. As I prayed at the end of the service, I asked God to help me remember this day and to change me from this point forward.

We were at the church from 1:00 - 5:30ish yesterday. We were physically tired and thought for a second about cancelling our American Idol night with sweet Katie, Jesse, and their parents. But we didn't and I'm glad we didn't. I love these sweet people so much. It is amazing how the love, kindness, and innocence of children can warm your heart.

I didn't have much to prepare since they were bringing pizza over to our house. I forgot to mention earlier but I did get a Write Plate from Bryan's parents for Christmas!

I'm still learning how to write creatively on the plate. It looks kind of dorky. And I need to purchase additional ribbon.

What do you think about having 4 judges? I kind of like it. And I thought it was crazy they had bikini girl on there and sent her to Hollywood!!! I thought her head shook way too much when she sang! Plus she needed a little modesty!! She's already marked in my book!!!


petrii said...

Yeah what was up with bikini girl ~~ seriously? Moving on . . .

I love the plate, so cute!!

Julie I wish we lived closer I would so love getting together over lunch and hugging your sweet neck. Know that I'm hugging your heart from afar. I pray for you and Brian and will continue. I'm so looking forward to seeing God work out His perfect will in your lives.

Love you friend,

Kim said...

That plate is adorable!!

I thought the same thing about the "bikini girl"!! He head shaking was driving me crazy!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

American Idol is one of the rare times in my life when I find myself talking about me. Some just crack me up!!!

I love your plate ;)!!!!!!!!

Megan said...

I really didn't like the fourth judge...maybe she will grow me.
I got a prayer request emailed to me this week to pray for Karri's family. I already knew who she was because of your blog. It is such a small world. I am praying for her family during this time.

Jenna said...

That plate is SO cute!! I love that idea!

And I will definitely be praying for all those close to Karri. I am glad ya'll didn't cancel your plans and were able to hang out with that sweet and cute fam! Idol was hilarious!

valerie said...

I know yesterday was a very difficult day for so many. I thought about Karri's family off and on all day. I'll continue to keep the family and all of her friends in my prayers. I'm glad the service had such an impact on you. I'm sure Karri would have wanted exactly that.

I watched American Idol too....well, the first half in between advertisements while watching "House" and then at 8:00 Hubby went to the other room and I got to watch the second half. Yeah, that girl in the bikini...hummm! Ought to be interesting as usual.

I love the plate too & I think you're writing is super!

Heather said...

I thought the SAME thing about the bikini girl- WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?

Betsy said...

Your plate is so cute!! And American Idol is just so funny (in an "I can't believe that way!) during the auditions! I can't believe bikini girl made it through.

I like the new judge, though. I thought she seemed to fit right in!

Glad you had fun with your friends!!

Mandi said...

OK...I LOVE that plate! And your writing doesn't look dorky! (: